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Hello My Lovelies! I'm here to help you heal from whatever ails you, and to provide you with answers and guidance. Being a Spiritual Empath, Reiki Healer, Tarot Card Reader and Past Life Coach, my life's purpose is to assist people on their journey towards self-discovery and ultimately a better life. People say that I have a soothing voice and an open mind.

Personal number 9802


Natural earth angel of the incarnated angel type. Empath, healer, clairvoyant, I can guide you, advise you in matters of love and life. Letting me in will allow me to know your true feelings. Through discussion I will connect to you and be able to help you.

Personal number 7487


Whatever is weighing heavy on your mind, I can help you figure things out. Reach out and I will offer you honesty and empathy. I specialize in Love and Relationships and Home and family. I draw upon the vibes and energy I have always possessed to uplift and empower you so that you can live your best life. Hold my hand and I will guide you and watch the spirit inside you rise and grow.

Personal number 1408


Im oracledice, to relieve you of all worries and doubts im hear to give u professional advice and enhanced intuition answers to unanswered questions. Ive been doing this for 2+ years . I offer card readings , pendulum readings , and dream interpretation. Im looking forward to hearing from you. blessed be

Personal number 0945


I Have Gifted Hands, I Love Helping People. I've Had Psychic,Abilities From A Young Age. Things Would Come To Me Then I Would See It. As I Got Older I Could Look At People And See In To Their Life And Things That Went On In Their Life At.That Point I New That I Had A Gift To Share With Others I Love My Gift And What I Can Do. At The Age Of 20 I Started Doing Readings For People And I've Been Going Ever Since I'm 34 Now .

Personal number 2106


Sophie has been providing Tarot card, Medium and Palm readings for over 10 years in the Dublin area. Sophie who is also a Reiki Master, is always developing her talents so she can continue to offer her clients the very best in Medium, Tarot and Palm readings. In the 10 years of offering her skills to clients Sophie has amassed a reputation based on her genuine, insightful readings. Sophie specialises in the Mythic Deck of tarot cards..

Personal number 4924


My service is all about Spirits either dead or alive. I tap into your root DNA in order to give you any incite. I specialize in the subconscious bring forth whats hidden past present or future. I was born into a magical family so from infant I've been talking to and seeing spirits. my experience is with the astral realm. the spirit's of the unknown as growing up they were my best friend

Personal number 1663


I am a naturally born psychic, who is gifted in all aspects of the Claire's and have been in-tuned to empathy and mediumship as well. I can provide you with answers, share with you a glimpse into your future, provide you with advice to your current problems and direct you on the right life path, as well as steps to obtain your goals and manifest your desired future.

Personal number 6727