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I connect with spiritual energies (higher self), and the spiritual energies of those who connected to you through your angles and guides. Not only do I connect with you angles and guides, but as a medium, I connect directly with your energy and that of your twin flame. During our session I become a clear focus to bring you the guidance you need to reach your highest potential, growth and success, live the life you dream and achieve personal growth that will ultimately bring you joy.

Personal number 9916


I specialize in Psychic,Tarot card, and Palm readings also chakra balancing and spiritual healing and cleansing. My readings are 100% accurate I tell past present and future I will answer all and any questions. But I will not answer legal questions

Personal number 7098


I have always been a little unique, never one that can be guided toward the beehive. I have been on an intense spritual journney within and without and have gained a massive amount of feedback and messages from the universe and all things not seen in this physical plane of existence. I will not feed you mumbo jumbo readings. What i say is what is resonating through me, from my angelick guides who only want to help us on our way back to our true spirital wholeness.

Personal number 7543


I've been been studying the esoteric for years, but have recently been expanding and growing as a psychic. My main focus is tarot cards, where I use classic and my original spreads as well. Come to me if you want a no-games, personal reading!

Personal number 9546


I am a professional Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Reader with natural abilities. I have a passion for Astrology too, I feel this is my true calling as a genuine people person who loves to listen I am here to help guide. I wanted to offer more to my clients to enhance thier psychic reading experience.As a healer I now offer Chakra ,Aura , healings and share my knowledge of Astrology if needed by client.I specialize in soulmates and twin flames So please don't wait and call

Personal number 0622


Hi guys, my name is Kalani, I discovered I had psychic abilities at a very young age. It started when i would say things and shortly after it would actually happen almost spot on. I started taking it seriously 7 years ago, since then I have been helping others by giving insight on their future.

Personal number 9382


I am a naturally born Psychic reader and have been aware of my guides since childhood. As an adult, I have devoted my time to using my psychic senses to give insight and guidance to others. I also use and understand the Law of Attraction Principles and can offer guidance on the manifesting of your desires with a thorough understanding of energy. I read for all areas of life. I like to use tarot and oracle cards in my readings.

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I have been reading energy and healing with it most of my life. Consciously, I started to heal with my hands as a young child. When I was 22 I went through formal clairvoyant and hands on healing (and going through massage school) training at a seminary for two years and specialized in working with women during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I now specialize in recognizing and reading energies of Physical and mental illness, abuse, and seeing steps needed to heal and end suffering.

Personal number 7316