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Hello I'm truly gifted I realize I had this ability from 9 years old since then over 30 years experience professionally in reading for people in person Over the phone It's been passed down from 5th generation I have special abilities talents and gifts and I've been using this to help my clients and Read for them Very compassionate and professional when it comes to clients Courteous and kind and learn to be a very good listener I will a dress any question or a reading professionally

Personal number 1791


I am a unique psychic tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I provide insight and knowledge and bring forward the details about your future, your past and your current situation and surroundings. I also work with my spirit guide so rest assure once connected you will gain full understanding during your reading. You truly deserve this information and knowledge about your life. Connecting you with past loved ones, you will feel comfortable in knowing and connection.

Personal number 7283


Hello,and welcome to my profile! My name is TheMysticAngel. I am a natural clairsentience. I can pick up feelings and vibrations surrounding you. I use tarot as my main method to read into your life,giving clear and accurate messages. I have been reading for the public for around 7 years. I completely understand that every reading is important to the client and very personal. I enjoy being able to give people clear insight on personal situations,love,relationships and jobs. Thank you!

Personal number 3437


I am a psychic, palm and tarot card reader with 20 years of experience providing my service to my clients from all over the world I am able to use my tarot cards to provide accurate Predictions and guidance to any and all questions you have

Personal number 9107


Do you have unanswered questions? Are you wanting to know what your future holds? Feeling lost? Searching for someone? Searching for something? Looking for some hope? Call Aria Moon and allow her to guide you into a more fulfilling life and brighter future

Personal number 0670


Hi guys, my name is Kalani, I discovered I had psychic abilities at a very young age. It started when i would say things and shortly after it would actually happen almost spot on. I started taking it seriously 7 years ago, since then I have been helping others by giving insight on their future.

Personal number 9382


I have been reading professionally since 2005. I specialize in love and relationships but can do a general reading or tune into any area or question that concerns you. I can see, hear and feel during a reading and also work with angels and my spirit guide,I am also a certified angel and reiki healer.

Personal number 0580


Hello everyone I'm a psychic tarot reader. The areas I feel I can help are.genral card reads on relationships and on progression I. Other areas. It is a general card read so your own interpretation is needed

Personal number 2202