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I've been practicing for about 3 years. Love, relationships and healing are my specialties. I just enjoy helping people and giving insight.

Personal number 2097


Merry meet I come from a line of psychics who's gifts vary. My own are vast as I have exercised every form of the craft for fifteen years, creating a bond with the earth and spirit realm, fine tuning my skills and understanding of the world we live in and control through our own energies. I am an empath and a healer. I would enjoy a chance to share my gifts with you. Call me and I will set the alter to give you an in-depth personal reading and my insight.

Personal number 4808


I can access psychic visions through dreams. My intuition and psychic awareness has become stronger, and I am able to do astral travel, and connect with higher intelligence. I have an ability to connect with Oneness and have strong connections with Angels. I consider my self as a light worker and wish to make connections with others who seek love and light through the spiritual and physical realms. I can be your guide to re connect your consciousness to the Star Gates.

Personal number 9613


Hello all I offer angel readings and tarot readings and I also can get messages from spirit and do see things too hope to speak to a few of you soon... And give you that little peace of mind on what going on or what's going to happen

Personal number 9074


Hello, I have been giving psychic reading for 5 years now and I only give honest readings as what is coming in to me by spirits. I can not choose who comes to me in spirit and can only pass on the message that is given. Any message given may not make sense right now but will in the near future.. I offer many different types of readings so let me know which you would like. Feel free to ask questions in the reading and I will answer them for you.

Personal number 5838


Hello sweet soul. I need to connect with you and feel your energy. I want to free you from curiosity or a void within yourself. I have had this sixth sense starting from a young age. I am very passionate about helping others feel their true selves. Tell me your worries, let me help. I wont judge you. This world can be cold and unfair. I would love to help you see your potential and help you through any hard times you may be facing.

Personal number 6881


I study in the area of wicca and have done so for the past 13 years, i can do tarot readings, and do herbal readings such as tea readings along with spells but only certain ones upon request.

Personal number 6148


I have many years of experience helping those close to me and clients who I have grown to know dearly. I give many readings each week and very much enjoy what I do. Some of the areas I have experience in are: Breakup and Divorce Numerology Dream Analysis Chinese Astrology & Horoscopes . Spiritual Readings Dating Advice Psychic Readings

Personal number 1727