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I've been working with tarot cards for over 20 years; the cards are very truthful; I can do readings on all areas of your life,for the most part. Questions involving pregnancies you are better off going to a medical specialist. Here are some ways I can help: Quick answers to pressing dilemmas, yes/no to love or money issues and short term or long term outcomes. The Tarot is uncannily true. Feel free to ask me about career, love and the future.

Personal number 0351


Hi,I have been a psychic for over 25 years.born 4th generation gifted,I have the ability of seeing eye. I am clairvoyant I specialized in a relationship.and past life regression along with dream interpretation. I am a 4th level psychic I discovered my abilities around 13 I had had a vision Of my mom friend holding a child Later that year, we had found out that she had become pregnant with a little boy, and that was my first experience peering into the future. Thank you so much and love light

Personal number 8134


Hello. I'm Tazmine and I specialize in healing and using crystals. Healing crystals are a great way to realign your energy and chakras. I'm a great listener and would love to help you in any way I can.

Personal number 3868


I have always known I have had this connection with the spiritual world and through meditation and continued practice, I have become confident in my abilities and in my ability to help others. If you need some guidance, reassurance, help with certain aspects of life, like work and relationships or just general information, I can help you. I use various tarot cards and guidance from spirit and the angels in my readings, I will only ever give a reading if I feel I can truly help.

Personal number 1907


I am a sassy straightforward mature southern woman. I come from a long line of spiritual healers and soul soothing Native American women. My skills are both intuitive and empathetic. I will leave you feeling a sense of relief and enlightenment. I am not the traditional type of Gypsy Tarot Goddess.. I am more down to earth and more enlightened.

Personal number 6852


I am a fifth generation psychic and healer. I was born into a family of witches and have been learning and practising the art of being psychic since I was a little girl. I am precise and detailed and have a very good reputation for clarity and for my visions

Personal number


Honesty is the best policy, as a very spiritual reader I'll works to tune into the your energy and aura to assist you in your journey. I'll will look at your relationships, career and various aspects of your life highlighting what blocks are in your way and how to navigate these issues. Or maybe you just feel as though your life is stagnant but can't see why; that's where I'll show you the likely outcomes from changes that you may make based of my vision and wisdom.

Personal number


My abilities first manifested at a young age, when I was able to inform my family that my younger sister was about to enter the world. At the age of 14 I founded my own paranormal research team, which disbanded but I continued my efforts to this very day. I have published several books on the supernatural, made appearances on several international shows, and continue expansion to this very day.

Personal number 1846