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Hello, I have been giving psychic reading for 5 years now and I only give honest readings as what is coming in to me by spirits. I can not choose who comes to me in spirit and can only pass on the message that is given. Any message given may not make sense right now but will in the near future.. I offer many different types of readings so let me know which you would like. Feel free to ask questions in the reading and I will answer them for you.

Personal number 5838


I m here for you 24/7 to guide you through whatever difficulties or challenges you may be going through. I m a natural born intuitive who uses tarot as her main tool. I m a patient and compassionate listener, and will not judge. Message me for either an in-depth reading, or a quick, concise reading. We can cut to the chase, or go as deep as you like. The choice is yours!

Personal number 0165


Are you in an uncertain situation and seeking guidance? I provide holistic advice for the special relationships in your life. I specialize in love, friendships, family relationships, spiritual health, and sexuality. I also provide daily horoscope readings via text.

Personal number 6209


Hi! My name is Aphrodite, but you can feel comfortable calling me A! I believe I have psychic medium gifts that were presented to me in early childhood. As I grew up, I lost my connection with my gifts, not fully recognizing what they were or their power. Over the last year, I experienced a dramatic third eye awakening where I was reintroduced to my gifts through my spirit guide, and I would like to help others connect with their spirit guide in any way I know how. Thank you for allowing me in.

Personal number 3961


I'm 19 years old, I've practiced card readings for about 5 years now. I've been reading cards for love and relationships since a young age.

Personal number 2711


I can access psychic visions through dreams. My intuition and psychic awareness has become stronger, and I am able to do astral travel, and connect with higher intelligence. I have an ability to connect with Oneness and have strong connections with Angels. I consider my self as a light worker and wish to make connections with others who seek love and light through the spiritual and physical realms. I can be your guide to re connect your consciousness to the Star Gates.

Personal number 2560


Hello sweet friends! I'm Amber- a gifted intuitive tarot reader, crystal energy healer and channeller of spirit guides. Through my work I am able to communicate with higher powers such as guardian angels to allow you to discover the answers you seek. I consider myself a light worker and want to help you on your path of healing, wholeness and self-fulfillment. Give me a ring and let's have a chat. I look forward to hearing from you!

Personal number 9171


Sophie has been providing Tarot card, Medium and Palm readings for over 10 years in the Dublin area. Sophie who is also a Reiki Master, is always developing her talents so she can continue to offer her clients the very best in Medium, Tarot and Palm readings. In the 10 years of offering her skills to clients Sophie has amassed a reputation based on her genuine, insightful readings. Sophie specialises in the Mythic Deck of tarot cards..

Personal number 4924