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I am a natural born psychic. I have many spiritual experiences since I was a little girl. I have a natural gift of knowing events before they take place and I aslo know what's happend in the past. I feel my strong points are with relationships and profiling. Be it mother-child, friends, co-workers, boyfriend-girlfriend, spouse related, ask me about your issues, I can help! I'm sure I can give you helpful information. Looking forward to working with you. Have your questions ready for me!


Nice to meet you, my name is Bianca and I am a young woman from Sevilla (Spain). The Latin tarot is part of my culture and its meaning was taught to me by the women of my family. I enjoy reading it for myself and my friends and I would be glad to do it also for you. If you want to ask question to the Cards, please feel free to contact me.



I would not consider myself to be psychic but I have a lot of good advice to lend to people. I have been through a lot of emotion termoil and can help people work through anything they may be going through.


Worried about job, love and relationships......I've been receiving messages from spirit world since the age of 5, I can help you. Spirit Minded Let's tap into your positive energy to help you find True Love! You can have anything you want! Why limit yourself? Call Me, and lets begin working through the blocks and build the positive energy that will bring it all!


Greetings, I am an empathic medium who uses the occasional tarot card as a tool, though I must give thanks to the spirit guides as their energy is what I feel flow through me as I am with the person I am helping. Being an empath allows me to tap into that energy and use it to understand how you are feeling and I will give you my best possible advise that is most helpful to your situation. I have had these gifts my whole life, but now is the time to help others. Love and light, Empathica #8136.


Hello and welcome my name is salvatoire. I am a Tarot reader and have been for over ten years. I use my original Reader Waite Tarot cards and the Angel Oracle cards. I also use crystals. I give a precise enlightened reading and use different card spreads. I give a clear and precise reading whilst remaining professional at all times. I use my crystals to deliver spiritual messages. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you may wish answers to and let the magic of thee tarot guide you.