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Hello guys, I am Rachell and I am here open to help you and give you an advice. I am very good in love and relationship, I can understand any problems and I am ready to help you to sort it out.

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My phycic ability runs through my mums side of the family. I was given my first tarot cards at the age of 18 by a gypsy that lived in Spain more than 20 years ago . I still use the exact same tarot cards to this day . I also had my own holistic shop were I read 1-1 and group sittings to my clients . would say I am a very sympathetic person and very caring easy to talk too . It makes me feel very happy if I can give some positive insight on a clients situation and future.

Personal number 4690


Hello my name is Lacey. I always felt very connected to higher power but I didn't become fully aware of my abilities until 2 years ago. I learned from my grandmother. Everyone in my family has a specialty. I'm very good at deciphering when that special someone will arrive.

Personal number 0508


I have been helping people with their relationships for over 15 years. One person came to me and when she found out I had the instincts then she spread the word and ever since many people have been coming to me.

Personal number 9723


Hello friends i am 4th Generation Psychic reader over 10+ year experience.My God gifted abilities will guide you in all areas of life. A real guideline here. I use my psychic visions to unlock the truth in a situation in all aspects of life...an expert in the field of love & Relationship,Tarot & cards palm reader,Dream Analysis.Now Here is Your Chance To Let Me Help You. I'm Only A Single CLICK Away, And I PROMISE You, You'll Be Amazed On What I Have To Tell You .

Personal number 4018


I am able to read My friends and family to the point that I scare them when I try not to scare them. I would love to help you with whatever I can with it be a relationship something with your future or whatever is going on in your life that you need guidance. I have been reading people for over five years now but discovered my talents 15 years ago. One of my scariest predictions was is my husbands car accident. My favorite prediction was my dads promotion and my cousin beating infertility.

Personal number 9186


I realised my psychic abilities when I was very young. I felt a connection to the spirit world, nature spirits, the dream world, all plants, trees, and animals. I am a white witch and have helped many work through relationship problems, psychic healings, connect to lost loved one, spirit guides, angels, and other issues, problems or guidance. I feel enriched when I help people and feel that is my life's purpose.

Personal number 3516


I have been a psychic reader over 10 years I discovered my gift at a very young age I am a Born gifted psychic First, I am honored and humbled for my Given Gifts and that you are allowing me to be a part of your personal life. I am honest and straightforward, but not rude, judgmental or insensitive to your emotional state or current situations. I do not play Guessing Games or LIE Or Sugarcoat what I see I am human and fallible. AMAZING CLAIRVOYANT reader with STRONG MEDIUM abilities...

Personal number 1724