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I'm always thrilled to meet other super-feelers and am eager to share my observations, I always proceed with caution: Being psychic isn't easy, and many people have misperceptions about what this gift actually entails. Working with psychic skills requires patience, practice, and lots of self-love.


I am a gifted intuitive tarot reader, claireaudient, clairevoyant and a Spirit channel. I have always been aware of my gifts but haven't really practiced my abilities until meeting my Twin Flame after which my Spiritual gifts have become so much more evident and hightened that I was not able to ignore them any longer nor wanted to, I've realized that I am here to share my beautiful gifts with others and help guide them on their journey and I am so honoured to be able to do this!

Personal number 8244


Tarot and Psychic Reader more than 23 years of experience I combine several oracles in one Reading. I came from a family that has always been attached to the occult and for many years. I use several decks of cards and tools to help me in order to give you all the information you need.The cards and oracles show the best path but it is you who need to give the steps in your life. Make your way clearer and remove the blocks and obstacles of your life. Gratitude and Love to you all


I am a practicing Wiccan who divines using Tarot and Rune Stones. My successful practice and experience in these methods extends for the last three decades. I am a Level 3 Reiki master, with years of training and practice in this art. In the past, I have read and healed primarily for friends and family, who have encouraged me to share my gifts with the public. My calling is helping those in need; this is the best and highest use of your time and my gifts.

Personal number 9014


Hi! I have been a psychic for 10 years now. I discovered my gifts as a young girl, when my great grandmother passed. I was able to predict what was going to happen in peoples lives and how to help them get through it. I also help with speaking to loved ones who have moved to the afterlife. Any questions you have I can answer!


Have you ever wanted to know what tomorrow brings, or what the future hold for you. I can provide you with this information. No question to big or to small. My gift will helpnyounsee the light.



I am a Pagan raised in the anicent arts of healing, nature and herbology. I have training in reading Tarot cards and I am an Empath physic

Personal number 3387