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Hello everybody, I've been practicing tarot for almost 4 years now. Drop me a line and we'll see what the cards have to say.

Personal number 7199


I believe in allowing future to come alive through me to those who are intended to receive. I am a third generation truth teller and empath. Truths flow through me like deja vous as I am delivering light to you. Come seek the truth of what can be yours. Release all tension inside your spirit to allow me to direct you to the light that is yours and only yours.

Personal number 9231


Namaste,im a reiki master and crystal healer,i practice spirituality in all areas of my life.My passion has always been tarot.I connect you with spirit using this divination practice.I give you the messages that I channel honestly concisely, without judgement, they will be the messages presented- not my opinion. The cards/spirit will always tell you what you need to know -not what you want to know.I hope I can help in any area,i look forward to reading for you love and light Oracle.x

Personal number 2364


I was born with the gift of knowledge for love and relationships. I'm fun to talk to, young and quirky. Promise I will make your day better.

Personal number 9780


I am spiritually inclined and intuitive. I study the power of energy both good and bad. If you need insight, confirmation or a sense of direction come and talk to me.

Personal number 3774


Hello there friends I'm here to help you with any questions about your life and problems and concerns. I have been doing readings to help people first the last 12 years. With help from the angels I'm going to make sure your positives continues throughout your life and career.

Personal number 8911


I've always had an immense connection with people that allows them to open up to me immediately. Things in Life and Love does not just happen by accident. There is a plan, journey, or path that should be followed to get the LOVE we desire, crave and deserve to obtain the ultimate happiness. Relationships manifest by knowing who you are, what you want and need for Love & relationships to thrive.

Personal number 1156


You ask and I shall answer. I am here to give you advice, it is up to you to use that knowledge and make the right choice

Personal number 8234