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Personal number 8361


It is no coincidence that the universe has brought you to me. I developed my abilities at the age of 4. My parents used me to win the lottery and other purposes. When I turned 18, I vowed to only use my powers to help those who need it. Tell me, how much would you like to know my love?


I will be straight forward and will not sugar coat anything......Are you confused in your relationship? Is he or she your true soul mate?Let me help answer your questions with honesty, common sense and compassion. Many times in relationships we start to drift apart and we have lack of communication. I will show you the blocks that are keeping you from achieving a long term committed relationship? I can help you to find peace..................


I can predict your future and tell you about your past..I can also tell you about your life..I can tell you who is around you at all times..ive been doin the past present and future sense i was 14yrs old ive always had this special gift..please give me a try you wont be disappointed


I am a natural God gifted psychic with over 13 years of experience I help in all aspects of life love relationship money career business family friends and much more do you feel lost and confused want to know if he or she is your soulmate or if he or she is faithful to you don't wait any longer call me now for a better tomorrow all readings are private and confidential hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed no job is too big or too small I can't handle I help people all around the World

Personal number 9175


Hello. My name is Lavender. I can access other dimensions and the truth of the nature of consciousness. I am here to help you realize your spiritual potential and support you in your ascension. I have European roots. I was born claircognizant. I have been using my gift for over 20 years, always expanding. My soul commitments are to truth, loyalty, and being a messenger.

Personal number 9834


Sabrina is physic, clairvoyant, and a paranormal specialist. She has been practicing for 10 years & loves the work she does. Connecting with passed loved ones, advise in which parts of your life to focus on or stray away from, can see your past, present & future. Life is full of questions & she can help find answers.

Personal number 9755


I grew up clairvoyant and with the strong ability to be empathic and intuitive in nature. I have studied for years astrologyand how it helps our lifeandrelationships. I have helped people and their loved ones with a sense of direction and closure. While I am new to tarot readings, I am fluid in the art of astrological perception, and can tell you who you are as a person just by your birth chart! Let's explore who you are and only then can we delve into the hidden mysteries that await us!