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Hello Loves, I offer Love and Relationship Readings, Career & Finances to help others gain clarity, insight and answers to many questions you may have in regards to Love and Relationships, Career and Finances. I assist others to find out if they want to move on marry or look for new love in general, I also help others find out if their partner or spouse has a 3rd party relationship in the wings. I offer insight on your career and finances in terms of what you could expect in the near future.

Personal number 8853


About My Services I can help you in any matter of life- Psychic reading, Love and Relationship, Soulmate reading, Occult, Spells, Aura reading, Tarot reading and Numerology. A psychic love reading, soulmate reading, twin flame reading or psychic relationship reading with me can provide clarity and insight into your love, relationship and romance dilemmas. Many times the people we feel closest to can leave us feeling lost, confused or even abandoned. You are at a very important cross of your life

Personal number 2110


I am a 4 th generation psychic and spiritual counselor since 27 years. I specialize in the tarot card , and I can answer any and all questions of life, especially matter of the heart . I will lead you and guides you to true happiness and success,

Personal number 6383


Personal number 1462


Hello! Im Viktoria, and to what do I owe this curious yet marvelous pleasure? A honest reading yes? I want to lighten your day with some clarity for your current troubles. I specialize in love relationships readings. My father is psychic and since my teens, Ive been able to see past, present and future. I have been using the way of tarot for 5 years now for close friends and family until I started gaining stature in my community. It would be an honor to dive into your future! Thank you!

Personal number 2018


I've been reading angel cards and tarot cards for over 12 years. I enjoy communing with spirit for guidance in my daily life. I'm an empathetic and sympathetic listener, and I always treat my clients with dignity and kindness.

Personal number 2324


My grandmother was a Romani (or gypsy, but we don't like that word) psychic and taught me a lot about the old ways. I've been practicing Tarot and Astrology for five years.

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Hi, Im Jules! I do love & relationships questions only. I've been doing this for 15 years now. Im also relationship councillor which i can guild you on the right path in find love or how to make your relationship work on the does & donts to make better I have special gift that I that can help your future It is always amazing to see shocked people once it has happened, I`ll tell you about any affairs well there be marriage and getting back together Call or message me now!& tarot used if needed

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