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Hey guy's! How are ya'll ya'll? I'f you'r in the mood for a reading then definitley give me a holla!I recentley realized people feel a sense of comfort and happiness when in my precence or simply communicating through messages. It's definitley a blessing to be able to share it with you guy's. wanna learn more about your future love life? Don't be shy I don't bite to hard! haha

Personal number 2165


Walking through the store and seeing loved ones that have passed away standing next to a woman who was in front of me in line He saw me looking at him and asked you can see me I laughed and said yes of course The lady turned and saw I was talking to someone and it kind of scared her She asked who I was talking to and I said the man with the funny glasses .She knew I was talking about her husband who passed away a few years prior. Sense then I have helped many people connect with loved ones.


I have been practicing for over 4 years now, and have grown my abilities to be more than sub-par. I have more than 1 deck to choose from, and have yet to give an incorrect reading.

Personal number 8474


I have had a knack for being a medium ever since I was a kid. I was always able to know things before they have happened, it led to a lot of bullying growing up. Now I am realizing that it is something that can help others and make people's lives better. I have done tarot readings and have performed many different rituals. I'm not one of the mumbo jumbo rip offs you find that just lie and lie. I honestly and wanting to help you and better other people and make them happier.

Personal number 0145


I have been doing this for about 10 years now. I love to connect with someone and let them know the how and the when something will happen. I make sure that they have a full understanding about their relationships and what can change with them and what they need to do within their relationships

Personal number 6025


Hi,I have been a psychic for over 25 years.born 4th generation gifted,I have the ability of seeing eye. I am clairvoyant I specialized in a relationship.and past life regression along with dream interpretation. I am a 4th level psychic I discovered my abilities around 13 I had had a vision Of my mom friend holding a child Later that year, we had found out that she had become pregnant with a little boy, and that was my first experience peering into the future. Thank you so much and love light


HI.. My Name Is Angie i was born with a gift passed down from generations I am 3rd generation psychic and I was born with a spiritual ability I specialize in reuniteing love ones I specialize in tarot cards readings past present future I can tell you all matters in life love career personal and guide you with your choices and descisions I have a spiritual portal that can connect with people that has passed, I have devoted my time and my work to helping people.

Personal number 4366


Greetings! I'm an intuitive counselor and dream interpreter. I've been honing these skills for 17 years, and can help you better understand what's happening or will happen in your world. I work through SPIRIT and receive downloads through various means. I look forward to connecting with you.