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Hello Friend, Tarot is my specialty. I bring an open heart and mind when doing my readings. Life is constantly throwing new things at all of us. Some good and some more troubling. Through my intuition and connection to my cards, I can focus on your unique questions to bring you the answers you seek.


as a love coach with a conscious approach, help you create the relationship you want. together, we create a vision of your ideal relationship (whether you re in one or not) you to that vision to make it a reality. Together, we look at the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and keeping your ideal. We will do a deep dive into what you believe about love, people, yourself and relationships


Draya was the 2018 Psychic Expert for The National Enquirer!!! Draya MBA is a gifted 4th generation internationally known Psychic/Medium, Remote Viewer who provides accurate readings. Draya specializes in relationships, love, career, finances, health & connecting others with loved ones who have crossed. Draya is a Psychic/Medium, Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Clairsentience/Empath, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient (hearing spirit/mes


As a Psychic Medium, professional psychic, and intuitive life coach my abilities offer an in-depth assessment of your current overall mind, body and spirit health. My sessions offer insight, validation, and bring emotional balance as well as offering potential solutions and options in your life. Are you ready to find your purpose in life?


Greetings My Lovies, I've always been a strongly intuition person, realizing I'd been given the gift of feeling & seeing things others can't see. I learned how to use these gifts to help others during tough, happy or confusing times in their lives. I genuinely care for others & will always give my best effort to help in any way I can. I'm a natural empath, feeling things that have not been told, but can be felt by my soul and heart. Hugs & Love to you.


A neat little fact about me - I was born on the cusp of magic between Gemini and Cancer. I've been drawn to all things spiritual in my whole life. With just a name and a birthday, it will reveal who you really are and who you're meant to be. I can tell you future challenges that you may have in this lifetime, what your year may hold and more.


You can call me SmartGem, I am a young psychic from Texas with five years of experience under my belt and I specialize in Tarot readings, advice in Love and Relationships, and Astrology.


My specialty is bringing higher wisdom down to earth to help guide clients through life. Translating Tarot into real world, modern situations.