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Hello. Im Eva and Im here to guide you. You may seek advice and guidance for many reasons, but all reasons alike, i consider it my calling a privilege to be on the journey with you. Let us take the journey to a higher knowledge together.


I was tooken on this journey not knowing exactly what it led to. Ive been sensitive all my life, Psychic happenings and spirits have always been of interest to me. As I got into my teen years I started giving insightful advice to loved ones, not being aware of the gifts. In my 20s I finally had a realization of the gifts I possessed and I needed to use them. It brings my heart joy when I can give the beautiful gift of guidance to others. I want to help all that I can and I know I can help you.

Personal number 6337


Over 10 years of reading people's energy or even sharing important messages/details from those who have passed. Natural abilities to connection with ones spirit. If you do not indeed, don't be afraid to ask.

Personal number 1416


I've been doing readings for about 2 years now. I've always felt as if i had this extreme knowledge and now i would like to share my knowledge of love and astrology to others in order to fulfill their lives.

Personal number 3436


I am a Native American with two Spirits. I am very well versed in the spiritual life on earth and between. I have helped many natives as well as non natives. I will do my absolute best to ensure great service and helping hands. My spirit carries many.

Personal number 8352


I am a very well enlightened Master Psychic with very powerful Spirit Guides. I have been a Psychic for more than 35 years. I have since gone on to help others throughout the country doing endless readings by way of the internet, online platforms, psychic trade shows and more. I don't rely on any tools only my Spirit Guides and my own abilities. With this you will receive the clarity that you are seeking and leave with your mind at ease. It will be my pleasure to guide you.

Personal number 5960


My special thing about me is I can read understand relationships if you need some one to talk to I am calm and a very good listener. Tell me your anything and I explain why this is happening call me and I will shine the light for you.


Life can be challenging! Since 2013, I deliver angelic messages of hope and guidance through inner consciousness. I will help you reconnect with your spiritual self. I use tarot and angel cards, as well as my intuition to connect with spirits and deliver insightful readings. I specialize in relationships, career, and deep questionnings. I am here to provide clarity to find your true path.