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I have over ten years experience in Tarot reading, dream interpation and finding lost objects. I also use my spirit guides (when needed) as well as I am clairvoyant and clairaudient.


Im Josiah Im a psychic empath clairvoyant and mediumship. I have been a psychic advisor for 13 years specializing in love and relationships. I also can help with answering life questions come to experience the difference with a true reading that could change your life..


Hi my name is Selena I really love to help people with giving them the best love and relationship advice that I know will help them get through whatever situation you are in. I aim the efficiently help you see and know what I feel will help you in the long run with current, past, and or future relationships.


My only goal is to help all that need guidance. I know how it feels to be lost, let me help guide you back to the path you are meant to travel with a special tarot reading just for you!


I am a practicing Wiccan who divines using Tarot and Rune Stones. My successful practice and experience in these methods extends for the last three decades. I am a Level 3 Reiki master, with years of training and practice in this art. In the past, I have read and healed primarily for friends and family, who have encouraged me to share my gifts with the public. My calling is helping those in need; this is the best and highest use of your time and my gifts.


Hi there thank you for taking the time to view my profile I first knew I was psychic as a child I knew something would happen before it did and unfortunately I predicted my moms and uncles sad death ive continued to help people along the way giving relationship and financial advice I specialise in many areas and I look forward to hearing from you


I am a Pagan raised in the anicent arts of healing, nature and herbology. I have training in reading Tarot cards and I am an Empath physic


Hello, I'm Kate and i'm a master psychic tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I specialize in love and relationships. I can see your past as it was, your present as it is, and your future as it will be. so if you have questions and want real honest answers feel free to reach out to me directly, and see the difference a professional psychic can make in your life! Love and Light to You