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My name is Batya. I have practiced and been in the psychic field for 17 years now. I started at a young age. I was called into the psychic field at the age of 13. I have been alive for 30 years on earth now. It started with visions at the age of 9. I didn't understand the visions until I got older.


I am a intuitive empath, tarot/oracle card reader, and certified Master level Reiki practitioner. I feel things deep in my soul, and I love to help others. I can give insights to things in your life that you may not see or need to look at to move forward. I am not a healer, but a conduit for energy that can and will aide you in healing yourself. Many Blessings


Hi! I am Lady Souls! I have had my abilities my whole life. I am intuitive, empath, healer, tarot and Oracle card reader. I am here to help and give you guidance. Readings can show you the potentials that are based on the energies, choices and actions we make in the present. I am here to help you discover your power. I specialize in Love, Family, Career, Life Purpose. Maybe you just need some directions from the divine!


My name is Katie and I am a highly experienced reader of tarot cards. I use my precious 78 card deck which I have carried with me for many years. I use a wide variety of spreads that can give insight into anything from relationships to finance.


I found out at the age of 15 that I had the gift of guiding people in their relationships! Past, present, and future relationships are what I see and understand.


I have had a special abilities most of my life, from visions to strong manifesting abilities. Ive been practicing about 3 years. I have great experience with sending financial vibes and love abundance.


I have been a psychic for 35 years I have experience in love in relationship finances and career past present and future contact me for a better tomorrow


I have been spiritual my whole live and experienced numerous things from a young age which other people cannot explain. This is when I knew I had psychic abilities. I have been practicing now for the last eight years doing parties for people and individual readings.