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I am an intuitive tarot and oracle reader. I have always had an extra sense of knowing and enjoy using tarot to share that gift with others to help guide them on life's journey. I look forward to helping you find the answer to your questions.


I have been reading professionally since 2000. I use intuition along with tarot cards to help you with life decisions and to help guide you on your path. I have a degree in psychology and I am Reiki level 2 certified.


I can offer a calm and caring approach, with a genuine and keen interest to help guide and support you with whatever issues you are facing. I am non-judgemental, and open to all walks of society, with no prejudice around sexuality, ethnicity, gender or religion. I am a believer that working together with someone for guidance through their problems is one of the best ways we can gain new perspective, and develop closeness to other human spirits.


I have always navigated primarily to the esoteric veiw of things. I have been exploring my psychic abilities for about 3 years now and I'm continuously finding different ways to expand my consciousness, spirituality and connection with source.


I have this ability since I was little.My grandmother taught me all about it and made me understand what was happening to me.You can say I can read the future and I think I can if I have enough information, like any other job/skill you need to have information about the problem before you can solve it.I am willing to help you if you are ready to believe,you must believe to make it work.I can help you get out of the dark place you are into and show you there is a way out.


Hello, I have been a love psychic since High School. I have always known when my friends and family would find the love of their life, and when they should stay away from someone. I can help you in any aspect of your love life.


Hi, I am William. I have had my psychic abilities from a very young age. I had lots of experiences as a child, and my ability has developed into adulthood. I live in England, and read Tarot cards regularly for family, friends and myself. I enjoy helping people, and connecting to the spiritual world. I am a kind and caring person, a great listener. I am a husband and a father. If you need to chat then please do not hesitate to call me.


Don't let life troubles get you down, come talk to me, and let me read into your future and give you some divine peace