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Advice on all matters. I can point you in the right direction. Why go on wondering? Give yourself peace of mind knowing you're making the right choices. It's always better to know! Take a chance today!!

Personal number 8956


3rd Generation - Gifted intuitive empath devoted to helping others via Oracle/Tarot Card Readings, Channeling Messages from the Light and Spirit, Mediumship, and Life Coach/Guidance Currently learning Reiki Available to chat and to be there for you 24/7


Hello my name is psychic jazmine I have over 10 years of experience my gift was passed down to me at a young age from my mother and her mother passed it on to her and so on and so forth.. I am a very nonjudgmental psychic I seek to help you when your lost and helping you find your way is my top priority when we speak we will connect on different spiritual levels please contact me for a reading thank you MUCH BLESSINGS

Personal number 2562


I can't give you an answer; only you can decide that. However, I can give you some guidance and help.

Personal number 9177


Hello my name is Blaise & I have been reading Tarot for several years. After starting off with the Tarot, I soon realized that I was going much deeper into the readings, giving people more information on a psychic level. I know in these hard times we are all looking for answers about work, relationships & money. If I can advise you with any of those matters or something else you need to know then I would love to hear from you. Let's share a coffee & chat. Book me for a more indepth reading. :)

Personal number 2463


I have been reading professionally since 2005. I specialize in love and relationships but can do a general reading or tune into any area or question that concerns you. I can see, hear and feel during a reading and also work with angels and my spirit guide,I am also a certified angel and reiki healer.

Personal number 0580


I LOVE to feel vibes and use tarot and astrology to put a picture together... You are a complicated / complex energy. I am Very intutive and empathic. I feel I am Sensitive in ways I cant fully explain. Sensing energies is in all of us I just feel I am tuned in.

Personal number 9262


Personal number 9431