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I have known that I have been blessed and cursed with psychic abilities since I was a young girl. I have the ability to read people's souls and decipher the messages that are being sent to them by their spirit guides and other forces. I believe that the universe is constantly talking to us. I specialize with helping to heal individuals who are experiencing spiritual awakenings. The universe talks and I listen. What is the universe telling you?! Message me to find out!


I have been psychic all my life. I get visions of future events and visions of consequences of choices. I have very strong intuition and go with what the universe tells me. I am a healer and have been helping people through relationships with my abilities.


3rd Generation - Gifted intuitive empath devoted to helping others via Oracle/Tarot Card Readings, Channeling Messages from the Light and Spirit, Mediumship, and Life Coach/Guidance Currently learning Reiki Available to chat and to be there for you 24/7


I have special feelings about love and romance. I work with books, the universe, and chance. The universe and earth will create powerful things, all I do is express this!


I know you have a busy life, and that you need quick answers and sound solutions to your questions, so I immediately and accurately see what is happening in your life and help you choose the best paths as you move forward. I advise you in your search for a new or better job and improved income. I can give you insight into your love life now, and new love coming.


Hi I'm psychic kendal Love . Need help with love, career or seeking to get in touch with lost loved ones? No question is to big or small. I'm a 6th generation psychic with a passion to uncover the TRUTH. Call today for REAL ANSWERS. I am a clairvoyant, empath and a medium. I can help with all matters of life. I'm an honest and compassionate reader. I will reveal the answers that other psychics will deny you.


We are all born with an inner sense of knowing. Over time this can get clouded. Worry, stress, anxiety, a troubled love life, all these things can take away from our inner understanding. Let me help guide you to the answers you are seeking. My readings are personal, I take the time to connect to you and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. Our spiritual journey will encourage you to find the right life path and finish your journey with the answers and knowledge you need.


Hello my name is psychic jazmine I have over 10 years of experience my gift was passed down to me at a young age from my mother and her mother passed it on to her and so on and so forth.. I am a very nonjudgmental psychic I seek to help you when your lost and helping you find your way is my top priority when we speak we will connect on different spiritual levels please contact me for a reading thank you MUCH BLESSINGS