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Specialty tarot spirit guides. As much as we think we know we are all learning everyday. About the universe and our inner being, connecting with our subconscious mind is one of the best feelings ever, let me help you with that.

Personal number 5894


Astrology specialist clairvoyant medium let me help you connect with the other realm. Certified tarot specialist

Personal number 3823


Hi there! I discovered my love for tarot straight up as a young person. Since I was young, I always saw my mom doing readings for people and I felt pulled towards it. I am still young so I only have an experience of 2 years and because of that my prices will not be high. So if you could be so kind as of to give me a chance, I would really appreciate it!

Personal number 3436


Hello, my name is Chaya and I will use my psychic talent with the use of Tarot cards to get to the bottom of your situation. I have a very strong intuition and communicate with spirit in the dreamworld. I can also send you distance healing with Reiki. I have spent many years reading the tarot and can offer you a genuine and honest insight into your current life experience. I am currently using the Osho Zen Tarot deck and my personal favourite is the Witches Tarot.


I specialize in love and relationship readings! Asks your questions and they will be meet with my truth! I am also here for you when things arise in life and you are not sure where to turn, let the spirits help me communicate with you and guide you on where to turn and which road to take.

Personal number 0335


Accurate and Informative Psychic Readings Hi, my name is Lana and I am happy to assist you through love, career and finance, and your spiritual journey. I have over a decade of experience working with divination tools such as tarot, pendulums, and other modalities. I'm also a certified reiki healer level 1 & 2 and love to incorporate that into my sessions as well.

Personal number 5133


I'm a Reiki Master, Crystal healer, Spiritual teacher, intuitive psychic medium, lover of all things supernatural, and fascinated with the mysteries of this world. My professional background started in biological sciences in the field of nursing. I could see, hear and communicate with those in Spirit for my entire life. Eventually, following the tragic accidental death of my 22year old son the desire to make spirit communication my number one priority took over. Love always xx


Hello! First things first, you can call me Mila, and I feel it is no coincidence you have come across my profile. I believe the universe brings people together in mysterious ways and that you were brought to me for a reason. Perhaps you have a question that you need answering, you need guidance or need to know what is in store for you. I believe tarot is like your inner self speaking to you and I am just the medium used to bring this divine message to you.