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I have been a psychic reader and advisor for over 10yrs, overtime with studying and learning my gifts I am able to pick up off your energy and the energy around you to let you know how some is thinking/feeling about you. I specialize in love life and relationships but can advise on all matters of life! I am a very honest, intuitive and compassionate reader. With whimsical whispers from my spirit guide I can help lead you down the right path and let you know what the universe has in store for you


I possess the ability to see the obvious and not so obvious. I am very spiritual. I get my gift from within and also above. I specialize in relationships, Love, Guidance and any insight you would like know. Let me guide you.


Don't let life troubles get you down, come talk to me, and let me read into your future and give you some divine peace

Personal number 8455


As a child, I realized my ability to see things unknown. From premonitions to sensing supernatural beings, I was always different. Today I seek to help those in need by using my natural gifts.

Personal number 8442


Hello I am Ivy. I am a gifted empath, clairaudient medium and tarot reader. I've had these gifts ever since I could remember. As a teenager I started using tarot as way to cover up and explain how I knew certain things about people or events that would take place.


My name Is Nikki! I First got into becoming a medium, healer, and expert in love and relationships as a child. I watched my mom help people all over the state. I'm the youngest child out of 5 kids, and I ended up being the only child just like my mother. My passion is helping people in any and all ways that I possibly can. I'm an old soul. I have seen a lot of horrific things, which is why I am so passionate about helping others. I'm 23 years old, I'm a single mother of an amazing little boy.

Personal number 9853


I have ran my own business for 12 years and I did give readings free to anyone for three years before that. I'm direct with a high level of empathy, that allows me to feel people pain physical and emotional feelings. This gives me clarity to discuss the core of the situation. I then find a solution that is best for all parties with the assistance from clients. Covering love life, marriage, work, business relationships,family and spiritual development.


It's all in my dreams I know what you need. have you ever had a dream and then whatever happened in the team came true? I have and I want to help you understand what is going on in your life.Call me

Personal number 1937