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Hello and welcome. I work with tarot cards, and these -combined with my experience and intuition-provide a system to assist and guide you through life's unexpected journey. I use the wonderful ancient technique of tarot and astrology to provide genuine, honest and direct readings from an empathetic perspective. I cover a full range of topics such as love, family, work & many aspects of life. For a unique reading and a sympathetic ear, ask me anything and I will provide an honest response.Namaste


My gift was passed down from heaven from my grandpa who was very spiritual , I was awakened in my sleep well I was going through a difficult time by him and angels shining bright light on me , at that time it did not manifest what was happening until I started reading angel cards and being so accurate I then started reading on the phone internationally with many people from all walks of life free handed I recognised that I was spiritually awakening


I find peace in helping others solve their troubles. Clairvoyance is my most honed gift. What I like to keep in mind is, along with spiritual guidance, a certain level of open mindedness is required on both behalf's. I would like to strengthen my gifts by lending a hand to anyone in need. Together, we can overcome any obstacle.


I first discovered my gifts as a young woman, I started to just know/feel things. I started reading tarot with regular playing cards (an old gypsy way) I have been reading for friends and loved ones for the last 22yrs using the same deck I started with. I also seek guidance using pendulums, sometimes the person I'm reading for only needs to concentrate on their yes/no question for my pendulum to work its magic. I can't wait to help you find answers to your questions. Blessed be!


Hi.. I good with vibes and tarots. I can not tell your future, but I can help with a few path laid in front of you. In a dishonest world let's start with truths.


I use angel cards, astrology and my clairvoyant abilities to provide readings. I have been reading for 10 years now. My family noticed my abilities at a young age. I specialise in love, soulmates, synastry. I am empathic and caring.


I use tarot to help you tap into your own inner wisdom. A reading can act as a bridge to new possibilities. Act upon a path and you are acting toward self-actualization. Let me help you reach your full potential and intuition. and help you see new paths and possibilities.


I will tell you what your future holds. Love? Money? Relationships? Work? Let's talk about it. At the end of our conversation, you will know where you stand. You will know where you need to go. Let's talk. I'm here for you.