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I have been a spirit medium since a child. I also specialize in astrology, tarot cards, vision readings, and getting in touch with loved ones whom have passed over to the other side. Let me help you answer questions that need closure.

Personal number 5827


I'm a em-path and we know things without even trying to know. I can tell if something is bothering you or if you're sad. I can tell if you have a positive energy or negative one. i cannot however give you advice on what i think you should do but i will lead you in the right direction one step at a time.

Personal number 4042


I am a natural born psychic and intuitive empath. I am very compassionate and non judgemental. I can help you find clarity and insight in any area of your life. Vibrations of love !


Hello and Blessed Be! My journey started at a very painful time for me. This experience opened my spiritual doors and I discovered my white witchdom and psychic abilities. I have 10 years of personal and professional experience and I specialize in Romantic Relationships, Money Troubles, Holistic healing and answering General Life Questions. I use many different tools guide me during your reading. Prepare for an insightful time with me.


An intuitive life coach is one who helps you change your life and live your dream by helping you access your intuition. Many intuitive life coaches subscribe to the idea that what we put out into the world is what comes back to us throughout our life experiences. Let me help you attract all the best things life has for you.

Personal number 1934


Allow me myself to you and you to my world. I'm a young reader with traits the allow me to connect with others and feel their path. Talk with me


I'm here for you to help. My reading style is friendly, professional and accurate. I use tarot, runes, numerology, dice, (the bones,) zodiac forecasting and logarithms, (for timing down to the minute.) I analyze dreams too. I find that focusing life forces on the positive, raises aura frequencies and promotes lightness of being even in the darkest, most difficult circumstances. Harnessing free will and raising awareness of higher dimensions promotes the strongest form of self healing.


I have over ten years of reading tarot cards in a personal and professional capacity; I love using my abilities to help people all over the world. I am deeply intuitive and use my deck of cards as a tool to help me connect to Spirit in order to provide accurate, detailed, and positive readings. I want you to feel empowered to make the best decisions for your life! I also offer dream interpretation, crystal healing, Chakra meditation, astrology readings, and love and relationship advice.