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I won't pretend to know all the right answers to fix the things that bother you. However, I have a keen sense of who people are, and I will give you true honesty about the things I sense in you. The things nobody else will say to you, but you need to hear.

Personal number 3540


I realized my talents at the age of 6 and I have been receiving visions ever since. I like to engage my customers and get to know you on a more personal level. Just ask and you shall receive.

Personal number 5820


I know how you're feeling exactly what you have gone through and will go through come to me and you'll know too I know your loves your loses I know your future and it is good all you got to do is come talk to me ill tell you everything you'll need to know.

Personal number 6871


Few years back I noticed that I could sense the feelings of those around me. If they had problems, sexual desire, struggles etc. But embarrassed to inquire to not only confirm my feelings but in hopes to give advise. As well as premonitions which within a day or two are revealed.

Personal number 4227


Since age 14 I could see auras and communicate with animals. I can read your potential future and assist you on your journey to the here and now. I thankfully work with healing, nature and meditation.

Personal number 8383


Hello, my name is Jules and I work with Spirit through my tarot, runes, pendulum and oracle cards to do my very best, to bring you guidance, support and answers to your questions. I specialise in relationships of all types, family issues and careers and I use my gifts in a non judgemental way.

Personal number


I have provided accurate, honest, clear and compassionate readings for over 30 years now, and now I offer my special gifts to you. I use my empath skills to connect deeply with my clients and their energy. I have helped hundreds find the happiness they seek and heal the wounds in their hearts and souls. I'm always honest, non-judgmental and excited to provide the help you need. I will answer your questions and give you ways to proactively attract the blessings you deserve.

Personal number 3385


Hello my name is EYErah , I specialise in astrology and tarot readings. I am a law of attraction expert With over 10 years worth of experience, I first became aware of my abilities when I was 9 years old.I had the ability to turn my thoughts into reality, manifesting any outcome my heart desired. You can ask me any questions. I can provide Yes/ No answers or in depth meditational guidance. leaving you feeling enlightened. I listen and never judge and will answer as many questions as I can.

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