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Hi everyone. I absolutely love doing tarot reads and I have been doing tarot readings for the past 5 years and many more years reading for friends and family. If you have questions you need answering then please do get in contact and ask away.


Hey, I'm dusty and I am an experienced psychic and clairvoyant. I work with spirit in all I do. I was taught the traditional gypsy way of reading by a true Romany gypsy lady. I am and here to listen to bring enlightenment and clarity into your situations, so whether it be love/relationships career, family, opportunities, personal situations or you just feel you are stuck, I am here to assist in a caring, empathetic, non-judgemental and relaxing manner, and I am very friendly and approachable.


Hello, I am here to offer advice about relationships and other things. I offer advice and support based on my own experiences, because I have been through a lot. I'm positive, and sometimes motivational depending on what you're interested in. I'm always here to chat about anything, and I'm always glad to help.

Personal number 9114


Hello my Phoenixes! Don't give up! It is a Blessing to look at things as what they are, rather than what we think they should be. Anywhere you are along your personal journey within you lies the power to succeed! It starts with prayer, meditation and reflection! Everything happens for a reason & I'm Glad you're HERE! Im here to be of guidance to Reach higher and new vibrations mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually as you travel along this eternal journey. God bless

Personal number 8531


Coming from a long line of spiritual mamas, I use the tarot and Angel cards along with crystals and the pendulum to help guide you on your path

Personal number 9607


I am here to offer you the healing you need. I am a prophetess so I speak the word of God and also give you his healing by channelling the energy.I can help with the truth about your problems and solutions. I would like you to try to talk to me and discover the particular way in which I can help you. You will see!

Personal number 9807


I love helping individuals and couples slove their love and relationship problems. I have the knowledge and experience to help anyone in any situation. I got you and you will definitely not have any worries!

Personal number 6251


My psychic abilities is knowing your relationship connections and what you are going to get in that relationship. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Personal number 7815