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Greetings I am Clairsentient. I can articulate the Divination my 3rd eye reveals. I honor my Scandinavian heritage and the old, most powerful ways. Rune Cast is holy. As I cast the old wisdom speaks. The Divination represents the whole in a unified way. The runes order themselves to mirror the reality of the one who asks. It is an auspicious time to ask your pondered question and receive a blessing. May all your days be blessed and you walk in the light.


I have been in practice for 3 years. Have always been the go to for relationship advice and love advice. Have helped many people with issues they've had. I pride myself in a high success rate and love helping others. I will never judge and endure every situation with an open mind.


I have always been able to connect with the dead and through the years I've learned to speak to them and speak for them to loved ones , I also am a psychic medium and empath and I have helped many people find what they are looking for I love doing this and helping people !! I have been blessed with gifts to use to create a better understanding to those who seek it !!


I specialize in all troubling areas of life. I can look into your love life and what's to come. Your current relationship and what's happening around it. Your career path and financial opportunities. Your past and how to correct your debts. Your future and where it is headed. Your family and what's best for them. I provide personal growth advice and guidance. I have 18 years of experience.


Hello and thank you for choosing me. I have been doing readings for over 15 years! I have the ability to Reunite broken lovers, reveals ones true thoughts and intentions and I can also tell true names and dates. I can answer any questions you have in life! I do all types of readings such as tarot cards, palm readings, Crystal ball contact me today for a better tomorrow love and light


I was gifted my first pair of tarot cards at the age of 13, and have included them into my life since. About 2 years ago I begin practicing with my tarot cards daily, I knew this was something I was called to help others with whenever I would stray away from the Tarot cards, but either someone would search for me for a reading, or they would simply be presented in my life by divine timing, causing me to realize, this is my true passion.


I specialise in intuitive tarot reading and can tap into any area of your life with cards, crystals and energy. I also give general readings offering the truth of what I see in a compassionate manna. I've been a reader for nearly 15 years and enjoy what I do. Connect with me if you'd like an informative reading.


I have been practicing psychic in New Orleans, Louisiana for 13 years now. I discovered my psychic powers from the young age of 8, when I had a premonition of fire. Just 3 months later our house burnt down, and I saw the same image as my premonition. From that moment on I knew my calling.