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I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient psychic and medium. I use no tools except my guides to give you answers regarding love, relationships career/business, family relationships, live path/destiny, deceased loved ones, past lives and pets. My clients find my readings accurate, inspirational and compassionate. I am nonjudgmental, but I will always tell you the truth, according to what my guides tell me. I do not pick lottery numbers or exact dates, because I'm not good with math or with numbers


I love to help others. My life path is healing, I was put on this Earth to help others evolve to their higher self. You were not created to be depressed, anxious, or mediocre. Sometimes problems and blockages of the world can make it so hard for us to truly remember our life's purpose. I am here to help you get back into alignment with your higher self. You deserve clarity. I use the tarot as a form of divination. I receive messages from my spirit guides and guardian angels to help you evolve!


I help people listen to their higher self, their intuition and their hearts. I encourage creativity, courage and expressing one's true voice. I teach that the psychic impressions we receive may not always make intellectual sense but that we have to go with our gut feelings and be brave to follow our own path so that we can be true to our purpose on this earth. I encourage originality, compassion, kindness, wellness and community. We are all the creators of our own lives so let's do it well.

Personal number 5004


Personal number 9841


I've always had a special connection with people. I tend to feel their pain, and can pick up on their anger, and their happiness. However, I have been able to channel my energy to them and help them feel better about themselves and anything that seems to ail or bother them. I put out positive energy and I'm here to listen to you and be your positive guide. I can make you feel better in so many ways! Waiting to hear from you!


Hi I'm LadyRedd I know lots of things about love and relationships. Let my advice help guide you in the direction you need to go. I've been there and done plenty . Let's figure it out together . Xoxoxo LadyRedd

Personal number 4393


I have experienced a lot in my life thus far, with many spiritual lessons learned. Between soul connections, karmic partners and recently connecting with my Twin Flame. There is a lot to be said about experience, but there is more to be said when you have someone with the ability to understand your connections and provide insight and guidance on a spiritual level. I hold the blessed ability to not only understand my own experiences, but I can connect and guide you through yours. Blessed Be!


I love to read people and help any way I can. I am more into love talk or helping within the walls of the bedroom just ask or simply text to talk. Or you can simply just talk there are lots of people who simply need a ear

Personal number 7212