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I have always had a spiritual and astrological connection with with this world, I believe the stars can tell us much about or futures in terms of love, success, relationships and life in general. We all need comfort from somewhere, I believe the stars is where you may find yours.

Personal number 0375


I am a Natural Born gifted psychic Was god gifted Was not taught for it Been helping pepole with over 10yrs Exp, I highly experience in Love Relationships Family/Friends Pets Aura money bussniess/career

Personal number 8599


I realized something was 'wrong' with me, so to speak, when I knew my grandfather was going to die right before he did. In retrospect, that knowing, too, was a gift, not a curse, because I got to spend one last day with him. He communicated with me in a dream after I crossed, which was also my first mediumistic experience. It took me decades, though, to understand that my abilities were a gift and to embrace them fully. At times, they scared and overwhelmed 

Personal number 9945


I am a true psychic that uses your voice vibration to reveal the answers that you seek. I am open-minded, compassionate and very accurate. You will find that I am easy to open and pour your heart out to which allows you to find healing. You deserve to have love, peace and joy in your life and working in-depth with me can make it happen.


An empathetic soul with deep understanding to how to connect with people. I'm an intuative who is growing her knowledge of Tarot, and unable to offer readings at this time, but looking forward to eventually sharing the skill.

Personal number 4436


I inherit psychic abilities from my family. I have been working over 4 years to help the people around the world. If you are feeling trouble in your life ,Please don't hesitate to contact me. Let's tap into your positive energy to help you find True Love! You can have anything you want! Why limit yourself?

Personal number 9022


Born from a long line of psychics, I've always had psychic abilities, and have been reading crystal ball fortunes since I was a child. Now I help all who ask with card and rune readings, Turkish coffee readings, and an open heart

Personal number 3866


My name is Twigs I am 4th generation psychic and I have been a reader for over 18 years both face to face and online. I work closely with a guide called Danny who has a fabulous connection with me. Together Danny and I will shed light on any situation you are facing whether it be love life career and your spiritual growth. I am psychic swell as working with cards pendulum, voice vibration and auras. I look forward to reading for you. Blessings

Personal number 9002