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I've been reading tarot cards since I was 14. As a child I was always able to know if something was amiss with someone even if I didn't know them. I have been able to use my abilities to get myself through hardships in life and determine what path my soul leans to. I would love to be able to do the same for others and help guide them to where they are destined to be in life. I am open to any questions and sharing my personal experiences with others. Thank you and blessed be.


Hello, my name is amara. I am a 4th generation psychic I specialize in all areas of life. If you are looking for accurate and honest answers contact me today. I do not sugarcoat or give false advice I am open to what I see.


I am fluent in tarot cards i can see what your signs has in store for you and use the spirts to help ur relanship i been tapping into my ability since 9 years old i wanna help you live your best life


I tell past present and future are you confused through love? Are you tired of being hurt? Unfold the mysteries of your future today I use the lovers Tarot deck I'm a licensed psychic and a certified psychic I help in all walks of life.


I am a clairvoyant by nature. Ever since I was a child I could pickup on people's energy. I am an empath as well as a Love and Relationships expert. I feel it is my calling to be a spirit guide for those who are in need of one.


I became aware of my gift when I was about 13 years old. I am extremely sensitive to other people's aura's, and have been striving to help those who are lost, need closure, or suffer from ailments seen and unseen. There is a purpose for all of us here, in this realm. I believe that if we KNOW our purpose, we have the power to fulfill our destinies. Let me help you on your pursuit of happiness.


My specialty is reuniting lovers. I will read your destiny with the one in your heart and see if you're meant to be or just absolving karma together. Twin-flames & Soulmates have separations for growth purposes, but always reunite. I am a natural born clairvoyant and empath which I inherited from my grandmother. I am able to foresee and predict things before they actually happen. I sometimes use tarot or angel cards as a tool to get a clearer and better view of certain situations.


Hello I'm Kimi. I've been for reading since I was 16. My sepcailty is Tasseography. I'm also an empath with a connection to the future.