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29 year old clairvoyant. I can see all! Talk to me to find out about your future! I can be completely trusted and am very easy to talk to. Choose me to find out about yourself. Newly practicing but very good!


Have you ever wondered why some people are more "luckier" than others? Have you ever wondered why things of the same nature keep happening to you? Affirmations and Manifestations, positive energy and vibrations. these are frequencies you will use to create your most enlightened self, your higher self. Believe in yourself and understand that the universe wants to give you all kinds of different gifts, you must decide to be open to receive those gifts! *If you need guidance, just press send.*


I have been working with Tarot and Astrology for the last 5 years in-depth. From a young age, I have had psychic abilities and connection with the other side. I love using my abilities to bring clarity to others lives. Let's chat!


Hello and Namaste from IsabellaVenus I am a master psychic intuitive as will spiritual life coach I specialize in all matters of the heart love and relationships Soulmate twin flames divorce separation dating I also specialize in Career and finance Outlook I'm a natural born gifted psychic these abilities have been with me my entire life and I'm so grateful and Honored to have these Gifts I feel that it is my absolute duty to share my abilities With people start the journey


Hi ya my name is Garner and I have been reading tarot cards for over 10 years now. I would say I specialise in relationships and love as I seem to connect more with these type of readings.

Personal number 4794



I've been practicing & exploring the tarot since I was teenager. The symbols, language and magnetic field surrounding the cards fascinate me. I am accredited on the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council & Complementary Medicine in UK on Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Life Coach & Tarot Master. I believe in Empowerment and in the Power that lies in between truth & acceptance. I am honoured to guide you through a mindful understanding of your very own journey.

Personal number 8992


I have been connected with spiritualism from a very young age. I use tarot to help get an understanding of a clients situation, and use healing techniques and the transfer of positive energy to help them find inner peace. Spiritual healing is what I'm here to help with, I use many techniques to work out how to help you best; all I need from you is an open mind and the desire to be happy.

Personal number 1293