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5th generation psychic. Natural problem solver. Love and Life are not necessarily written in stone; let me help you find the Loopholes to get to where you want to go. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough, and know how to get there.

Personal number 2109


I am a third generation psychic advisor. I was born with the ability & I use my gift to help those who need guidance, clarity, and peace of mind!!

Personal number 1947


Allow me myself to you and you to my world. I'm a young reader with traits the allow me to connect with others and feel their path. Talk with me

Personal number 6867


As a psychic reader, I have dedicated my life to helping others find their true path in life, and create and maintain productive relationships. Navigating life can be difficult without spiritual guidance. I use tarot and oracle to provide others with guidance to discover their inner feelings and desires. Helping others improve the relationships in their life and make the right decisions to improve their life is my true calling.

Personal number 8378


I have over 19 years of experience . My Specialties are Tarot Cards Astrology and My Spirit Guides help me to get you on the right path of life ... All matters of Life will be answer threw one reading .. Love Money , Career and Relationships

Personal number 4385


I discovered these gifts at age of 6, I am now 28. I set my goals to master them all and I have done just that in a very precise manner. Though not all readings are always 100% your complete cooperation and trust is a prime tool needed to ensure you get the most accurate information possible. Please contact me and let me be your guide.

Personal number 1720


Hello my name is Lee, I have been reading for clients from all walks of life for many years, giving insight and guidance into the unseen and unknown. I specialise in relationships, work related issues, I am very grounded and centered in the present moment, we have all been programmed to live our lives listening to the voice in the head, THOUGHT ...but the mind likes to live in either past or future therefore creating repetitive cycles in your life . I can help you break these patterns.

Personal number 0187


I've been reading tarot now for over 6 years. I'm an Intuitive/Empath and Tarot Reader. Using my natural abilities along with the cards, I will work to help you through your problems and find peace of mind. I do one, three, and five card spreads, I DO NOT predict the future, I simply use the cards and my natural ability to connect to you and help you to find what is the best course of action.

Personal number 5949