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I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will tell you what you NEED to hear and get to the truth of the matter. As an Empath, I feel the energy of others, and to confirm the energy I pick up I will ask you questions. Once you confirm I have picked up on your energy or the person/situation in question, I will then begin to dive deeper into details and tell you what I see. The more specific question you have, the better result you will have!

Personal number 8922


Hello, I believe we all have gifts that we are given and some choose to access them and some do not. I love to help people find their gifts, connect with their Angels / Guides, do Angel card readings for them, and connect with their deceased loved ones. I am a Clairaudient Medium.

Personal number 2200


I have read Tarot for many many years I give different readings for different situations and have a range of different cards.

Personal number 2293


Personal number 8918


I first learned of my psychic abilities junior year of high school, when i began to predict the love lifes of my classmates. I have been practicing for total of 4 years.

Personal number 0312


Blessed with the gift and wisdom to connect to those just out of our reach. The gift of seeing and hearing past, present and future. Not a mystical phoney, I truly am one of the few chosen and believe in helping. I always had a feeling but only truly recognised my gift after visiting a psychic myself. Unfortunately not all have the power but those who have these capabilities should be willing to share the experiences with others in time of need, of greif, wisdom or pure curiosity

Personal number 4618


I started noticing my special abilities when I was really young. I didn't know what to do with them. As I got older and into school I was able to help and heal people without even really trying. I just had this sense that came over me. It was so spiritual and I am able to connect with people and spirits.

Personal number 5810


I have always had a knack for just "knowing" when something was right or if it was wrong wrong wrong. My friends have always come to me for advice and for the last few years I have professionally helped people learn what to do with their love lives.

Personal number 1618