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My Name is Melissa, I am an Angel Incarnation & gifted Australian Indigenous Healer. My Abilities include Angel healings, Astral Checks, Ancient Aboriginal Ceremonies, Atlantis Ceremonies, Channelling, Demon/Hex Removal, Cancer/illness healings, Fertility Ceremonies, Mediumship, Soulmate/relationship Ceremonies, Remote viewing, Astral Travel, UFO/ALIEN Contact, Bigfoot/Yowie Contact, Telepathy, Indigenous Tracking and much more.


i have had psychic abilities from a very young age and able to read tarot cards in my adult life. i love what i do.


Personal number 0249


If your looking for advice or the wisdom of a tarot reading, you've found the right person. I'm an empathetic old soul whose talents were recognized by others long before I thought to make formal use of them. As a young woman, people would sense my gifts and strike up conversations. They felt I had answers they needed and rarely walked away disappointed. If you feel drawn to me, don't be shy. It's your own intuition letting you know that I can be of service to you.


I have many years of experience in helping people with spiritual guidance, I have often been told to do it professionally so here I am. I love the opportunity to help so many more people through providing spiritual guidance that resonates with you. I use Crystal Healing, Tarot cards and an empath psychic. I would love to chat.

Personal number 5297


I have a deep understanding of people's desires and wants. I read energy, paired with your star sign I can guide you through a healing process. Bringing out your darkest and most cherished dreams I want to help you birth them into reality.

Personal number 3993


I have been reading the Tarot since I was a young woman. My mother taught me, like her mother before her! Want to know if you'll get that job? Or if your relationship will workout? Just ask! I can do a full reading of your past, present and future, or i can spell out a specific word. Also you can just ask a single question and I will tell you the answer. Give me a try. The proof is in the Tarot!

Personal number 7587


I have been practising most of my psychic abilities since my teenage years already. A family member, who also has these abilities, helped me to develop it further. It is great to be able to provide these services & be helpful.