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My specialty is reuniting lovers. I will read your destiny with the one in your heart and see if you're meant to be or just absolving karma together. Twin-flames & Soulmates have separations for growth purposes, but always reunite. I am a natural born clairvoyant and empath which I inherited from my grandmother. I am able to foresee and predict things before they actually happen. I sometimes use tarot or angel cards as a tool to get a clearer and better view of certain situations.


Hello I'm Kimi. I've been for reading since I was 16. My sepcailty is Tasseography. I'm also an empath with a connection to the future.

Personal number 9326


I am a psychology major and want to get practice listening to people's problems. I would love to be an empathetic ear and also try to give solutions! :) I am nice and this will be cheaper than going to an office. How convenient for you!

Personal number 9596


Hi! I'm very intuitive and in sync with different nuances of the universe. I can help you with relationship, spirit, and personal questions you may have. I will be your personal guide. Let me help you reach a higher understanding.


I specialize in love and relationships relating to the Astrology Zodiac Signs. Also with career and life style. I provide adequate advice for your specific zodiac. Ask me any and everything. Is he cheating? Will you get that promotion? Best career path?


I knew I had a special calling from a very young age. I seemed to "remember" things - things that had not yet happened. I passed along messages to my grandmother from her father, who passed away before I was born. My strengths will help strengthen YOU. I am bound by truth to share my gifts with others.


I am an experience tarot and angel card reader for over sixteen years specialising in love relationship career and money. connect with me for a one to one personal private reading for guidance and clarity love and light always xx


Does he/she love me? Will he/she return? I can give you the answers. Let me help you on your journey to understand if your relationship will work out and if he is the one for you. I have assisted many people with their personal lives and look forward to doing the same for you. I connect to your Spirit Guides. They pass me visions of your past, present and future. I will provide you with an empowering reading that gives you the answers.