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I was born with the gift of being a clairvoyant and an empath. I have the ability to see and feel things before they happen. I am very open minded and non-judgmental and I want to help you with your questions and concerns. My area of expertise is in love and relationships, family matters, business matters, and I am a certified life coach if you need new direction in life. I do not use tarot cards.


Hi, my name is Alawi, I have been a love and relationship counselor for 4 years now. My specialties include counseling in love and relationship matters. I have reunited and brought lovers together through my counseling.


Being born an empath and discovering my abilities at 16, I've been practicing for almost 10 years. Always developing my skills, I provide an undeniably unique experience. I also have a background in psychology, which adds practicality to my work. Please allow me to answer your questions and send you with good vibes and great intentions.


Spiritual medium and spiritual healer . Come get in tune with yourself and come reached something higher than self.


I'm a Intuitive/Empath Spiritual...Love and Relationship Counselor...W/Psychic insights. I have been providing professional readings for over 10 years. I am certified Parapsychology.


Hi have 20 years experience Hi and thank you for choosing my profile !! The forces of the universe have divinely guided you to me. I know you may not feel 100% ready but trust me it is time. You already know, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Take the final step to release all your fears, worries and troubles. I am an internationally known professional gifted psychic with intuitive, clairvoyant and clarisient abilities as well as an Psychic


I am a natural born psychic with clairsentient and claircognizant abilities. I am also an intuitive and emotional empath, meaning I can sense and connect to the intentions and emotions of energies around a particular subject. I also use divination tools such as oracle cards for a more structured reading. I specialise in love & relationships, family and career. I can provide general readings or answer specific questions. I don't sugarcoat, I provide truth with compassion and without judgements.


It brings me great joy and satisfaction to use my intuitive and psychic gifts in so many ways helping you to overcome depression which can affect so many areas of your life finding your true self the real you, so that you can start to live a full and purposeful life gaining clarity and resolution in personal and professional relationships and disputes helping you through the healing process resulting from the death and loss of a loved one