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Use the opportunity to receive a knowledgeable and professional clairvoyance session with me as your psychic reader. I work with respect, and always provides a serious clairvoyance counseling with coaching tools, that fits in with the customer's needs and situation. I have more than 20 years experience as an spiritual advisor and therapist. I guarantee a professional spiritual advice with tools, so you can be able to use in relation to your challenges. I welcome you with clear message. Romina

Personal number 1468


Hi! I've been providing online Clairvoyant psychic readings for 15 years. My clients say that speaking to me is like having a conversation with a friend - a very high compliment! I connect to your energy using your first name and year of birth and can answer questions about nearly anything you would like to know! Readings are confidential, non-judgmental and of course accurate and detailed! I look forward to reading for you soon!

Personal number 1789


Hi I am Kadi. I have been a Tarot reader for more than 20 years. I am passionate about my readings for every person. I am also bless with gifts that go beyond the ability to focus on card readings. I receive messages from corporal and non corporal energies. I am a healer by birth.


Peace and many blessings , I am a clairvoyant , and tarot reader . From the early ages in my life I have been able to foresee things and decided that my life's calling was to help bring insight into others life

Personal number 7116


Every since I was a little girl I have always had the best intuition my dreams always guide me to who and what needs my attention I've always been able to predict things that would happen based off of my dreams most times with just having a conversation with someone.

Personal number 5805


I started when I was a young girl, I've met some fantastic people over the years that also use tarot cards. I use to go to someone who would read my cards to me and that's when a spark hit me. I knew I needed to practice more on reading and fully understanding their potential. I can see the future.

Personal number 7667


Personal number 1515


When I was a young girl my mother would tell me of "the Feeling" that I would experience every time that I could see what was going to happen in the near future. She explained it to me as her mother had explained it to her. Our family has been blessed/cursed with this ability for as far back as is known. The first time I remember having this feeling I was about 6, it was like a tingle went from my gut through to my little fingers.

Personal number 0558