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Does he/she love me? Will he/she return? I can give you the answers. Let me help you on your journey to understand if your relationship will work out and if he is the one for you. I have assisted many people with their personal lives and look forward to doing the same for you. I connect to your Spirit Guides. They pass me visions of your past, present and future. I will provide you with an empowering reading that gives you the answers.


Hi my name is amilea i've had this gift my entire life but I have been professionally giving readings since 10 years I am a kind honest nonjudgmental psychic and spiritual coach I specialize in all matters of life and can help clear up any confusion you may be going through I offer many different types of readings and cleansings . I do not sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. I am a honest psychic and will only tell you what I see.

Personal number 2867


I specialize in Psychic,Tarot card, and Palm readings also chakra balancing and spiritual healing and cleansing. My readings are 100% accurate I tell past present and future I will answer all and any questions. But I will not answer legal questions


I've been been studying the esoteric for years, but have recently been expanding and growing as a psychic. My main focus is tarot cards, where I use classic and my original spreads as well. Come to me if you want a no-games, personal reading!

Personal number 9546


Hi! I'm Gretchen! And I have been a spiritual girl ever since. I am intuitive and relies on energies and vibrations. I love helping people with my gifts. And has been a white witch by birth. I always know there is something special with my abilities and I can help you with your life paths.

Personal number 2648


Hi guys, my name is Kalani, I discovered I had psychic abilities at a very young age. It started when i would say things and shortly after it would actually happen almost spot on. I started taking it seriously 7 years ago, since then I have been helping others by giving insight on their future.


I am a psychic clairvoyant empath with the ability to pick up on all aspects of life, energies, aura, vibrations, and so on. Any thoughts and feelings, time frames and events. I am able to look into all areas of life. Love, Finances, Career, Family, Negativity etc. I am very honest and straight forward, I will never give you false hope! I am able to use my God given ability, as well as tools such as crystals and candles. I can help guide you onto the path you are meant to be on. God bless!


I am an experienced tarot card reader, I use my intuition to help guide you, I give you your numerological number, and deal in feng shui, colour advice and astrology. Back from my solstice holiday I wished positive things for you all on the good vibration.