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I am an intuitive psychic medium on a mission to help you obtain wisdom and direction for your highest good! I am skilled at empathy, automatic writing, and self care advising. I channel messages through feeling your emotions, writing down messages based on your energy , and gathering insight on where you are in your self care journey. I have done love readings, career path confirmation ,and prophecy.

Personal number 5123


I have been a empath since the age of 13. Initially it began as a very strong intuition. That gut reassurance that 'you should't be around this person, I have been growing self aware and intune And have since then gained the sight of clairvoyance and telepathy. I can see anything that is in your life at the current moment that will cause you a great deal of hurt or be a great asset to your life. I will sometimes ask for a photo of the person In question with a clear visual of the eyes.

Personal number 5347


i am A no Nonsense Old school Tarot Card Reader Who will Help you Discover Whats Your true Calling in Life is. I use The rider Waite Tarot Deck. I Have over 10 years of experience So Help me Direct You And guide you.

Personal number 5155


I have studied and practiced psychic work for 25 years and helped and guided many people through tarot, angel cards and crystals. I like to use crystal skull as they give great clarity and vision. I can normally see through situations and get a good angle on things when you begin to talk to me.

Personal number 6193


I'm a kind, empathic woman, willing to listen to others, understand their feelings and happy to give advice.

Personal number 6858


Let my intuitive abilities & messages from spirit give you greater clarity, enlightenment & a more purposeful life direction. I'm a true believer that we all have the gift of intuition, but for the fear of realizing, the sometimes, dark truths in our lives, we block the obvious and what is right in front of us.I am not in fear or bias to your truth or situation. I'm free to reveal your best path & or outcome, until you are able to accept your fears and know what is your best path to follow.


My name is Ben. I'm a Psychic and Have been helping others for over 20 Years. Feel free to contact me. We can talk about Love and Relationships or You! I look forward to helping you in anyway I can. Talk to soon!


I love Astrology I think I know enough but would love to dive deeper into the subject as a whole. Am very interested in how the whole Astrology ties into the real world an our everyday lives. I think if anyone on here is equally interested in this particular topic we will have many things to learn together an talk about.