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I am a natural born psychic with clairsentient and claircognizant abilities. I am also an intuitive and emotional empath, meaning I can sense and connect to the intentions and emotions of energies around a particular subject. I also use divination tools such as oracle cards for a more structured reading. I specialise in love & relationships, family and career. I can provide general readings or answer specific questions. I don't sugarcoat, I provide truth with compassion and without judgements.


It brings me great joy and satisfaction to use my intuitive and psychic gifts in so many ways helping you to overcome depression which can affect so many areas of your life finding your true self the real you, so that you can start to live a full and purposeful life gaining clarity and resolution in personal and professional relationships and disputes helping you through the healing process resulting from the death and loss of a loved one



Greetings and welcome to my page. I have practicing all my life pretty much. I knew I had a gift when I can talk to someone and read their whole life story without even knowing them. I love helping people and reconnecting you with loved ones.


(Over 10 years experience specializing in love and relationships) Growing up a clairvoyant and a small town in Maryland was always a struggle being a young woman and being able to understand someone's emotions and current problems they were facing always left people scares and distant fortunately enough my great grandmother Kate lead and guide me to develop my abilities and to help people professionally it's been my sworn vow to God to always help and protect people


I have been studying and practicing my abilities since I discovered them at 9 years old. Throughout the years I have interacted with spirits attached to homes and land, even had photographs taken that once developed you can see the orbs and figures of the spirits beside me. I have a deep spiritual connection to animals, I can calm them, teach them, ect. and as disturbing as it is at times, I am also capable of presenting death. More of my abilities include astrology, matchmaking, love.


Latina very experienced to help you with your love and relationships, ask me any questions I am here to be your friend and talk to you about anything and everything you desire.


Nobody really knows what love is. Let me teach you, guide you, and help you achieve it. I'm dedicated to creating a connection in order to give accurate advice and help you work your way through the unending maze of love.