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My passion is helping people reach their potential life. It is not met without good health and positive relationships. Due to tragedies in my own life, I've been lead down the road of self discovery and awareness. For years I have helped people achieve good health and live a life of great relationships. So let me help you become the happy person that is just waiting to show itself!

Personal number 7780


I Madame Krystal Ball I can change your world in just a call Tell me a little about your self and I can look into the future and see if your path is as you expected or if you need to change it Do you have a question you want to see if the universe will reveal the answer to Then don't wait call me right away I will be the friend you never had A fairy godmother some even say Don't put it off till tomorrow when it's to late to change its outcome. You will be so amazed you will tell everyone

Personal number 9982


I was born a medium I have been a reader since I was 15 and I'm now 34. These are my specialties- Automatic Writing, Career Advice, Channeling, Angel Cards, Crystal Ball, Dream Analysis, Relationship Advice, Breakup and Divorce, Rune Stone, Family Advice, Paranormal Phenomena, Karma and Past Life, Spiritual Reading, Shamans, Clairvoyant Readings, Numerology, Psychic Reading, Dating Advice, Tarot Cards, Cheating and Affairs, Oracle Cards, Palm Reading, Psychic Mediums, Love and Sex, Soulmates

Personal number 9448


I am Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic. With my Guides to assist, my readings are precise. She first started making connections at the tender age of 15, getting strong intuitive/psychic feelings about things that later came to pass.If you're totally confused about what someone thinks and feels about you, she can help you sort through your situation by looking at both you and the person you're concerned about by utilizing her empathic abilities.

Personal number 9662


I can understand you without going through your trials. We all can relate, even on different paths. Come take your journey with me, and find the joy you've been seeking.

Personal number 9404


Eccentric intuitive spirit who loves to provide insight to those who are blinded by the clouds of life. I give it to you raw and real tapping into the darkest corners of your heart to bring clarity and relief in your life! Schedule with me today and experience joy again!

Personal number 4429


I am experienced in tarot cards for over 10 years, an excellent life coach and advice giver on Love and Relationshiops. I look forward to guiding you on the path to continue your journey in life and to give you the guidance you seek.

Personal number 1631


I am an empath from birth with over 30 years of experience. I specialize in spiritual readings, life advice, tarot reading, and spell candle and jar work. If you need answers, I'm here to help. Try me. You won't be disappointed.

Personal number 6047