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ask me questions and i shall answer you.... my name is Jailene and I am here to help im anything you wish and desire..

Personal number 2267


I come from a long line of psychics, my family have shared this gift through generations. I myself have had numerous dreams and visions of things that have come to pass. I'm still on a journey to perfect my gift. But I'm an expert in tarot card readings and fortune telling. I take what I do with the upmost seriousness. Tarot cards can be the looking glass into the future and can hold the answer to the very questions one might ask.

Personal number 5090


Hi I have over 20 years of life reading angel and tarort cards in any spread past lifes included I'm claravoiant empathic a medium and very wise please feel free to come chat with me I'm nonjudgemental also ty I'm also a natural born healer with rekie 3 master level and tidbit black crystal healing and also 13 extended masters all to help me with my healings

Personal number 0355


I knew I had a gift from the time I was very young, around 6th grade. When I would try to talk about the things I would perceive and knew to be true, I would either be ignored or told I was weird. But now that I have grown into my abilities I am able to help others and really embrace my gift.

Personal number 6839


Personal number 5330


I am an experienced clairvoyant psychic tarot reader, with hereditary gifts that have been passed down through successive generations of my family, and I have been reading for nearly 20 years. I can quickly link in with Spirit, working sensitively to guide clients to the best of my capability. I can read for all areas from romance, to work and career. I use my ability to link in with spirit and use my various tools from tarot cards to oracles cards to give a reading to my client.

Personal number 4798


I specialize at entertaining my clients by professing to tell past, present, or future events through extraordinary spiritual insight or by perceiving another's thoughts.

Personal number 1887


Hi my name is Annie. I use traditional tarot cards as a tool within my readings and I also try my best to connect with clients and tune into their energies and voice. I also use angel cards so you can choose the type of reading you'd like best at that time. I have been reading tarot for 15 years. My father was psychic and he passed the gift onto me. I'm an empathetic and kind person who will listen and not judge in any way. I like to help people in anyway I can.

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