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Been able to tell the future since I was a kid. I always been able to tell everyone about their present and future. I always loved explaining about their life including love life which is fun and exciting.

Personal number 9621


Hello! my name is Sunshine, let me help with all your needs. From tarot to astrology even to your love life. I'm the girl you need. Don't hesitate let me help! I'm only one click away from your future!!

Personal number 6292


Hello im Niina and I promise I will provide you with the best service possible, I provide you with the best service possible. Anything you need advise on and if you just wanna talk I provide tarot readings, relationship advice, and astrology

Personal number 8907


I have practiced for over 25 years. I realized my abilities at the age of 7. Contact me and I will reveal your unanswered questions. I will always be just a few numbers away. I am your go to person for positive results.

Personal number 4293


Hello my name Is tonya but everyone calls me miss Tee, I do spiritual tarot readings, love readings advice , insight and I'm here to help you with what your going through or on your path forward if you need to know which way to go forward on things.

Personal number 9626


I have been practicing with the tarot and my abilities for many years now. I learned from my grandmother, and her abilities was passed down to me. I am highly accurate and have been able to inspire many.


I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient psychic and medium. I use no tools except my guides to give you answers regarding love, relationships career/business, family relationships, live path/destiny, deceased loved ones, past lives and pets. My clients find my readings accurate, inspirational and compassionate. I am nonjudgmental, but I will always tell you the truth, according to what my guides tell me. I do not pick lottery numbers or exact dates, because I'm not good with math or with numbers


I love to help others. My life path is healing, I was put on this Earth to help others evolve to their higher self. You were not created to be depressed, anxious, or mediocre. Sometimes problems and blockages of the world can make it so hard for us to truly remember our life's purpose. I am here to help you get back into alignment with your higher self. You deserve clarity. I use the tarot as a form of divination. I receive messages from my spirit guides and guardian angels to help you evolve!