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I give readings and Spritual workings. I specialize in Hoodoo and Rootwork readings. Water and Playing Card readings and Numerology readings(Southern Rootwork) I also specialize in recommending and performing Spritual work for love money and removing evil and return to sender... With out a reading. No Left Hand Work done at this time! Special prayers for better Health! Call and Change your life!

Personal number 0562


Have had natural Psychic abilities and intuition since I was a child and I have a strong desire to make a difference in peoples lives - that's the Empath in me!! I wish to help others find answers and direction in life.

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I am a clairvoyant psychic reader I realized I was gifted at a very young age. I have strengthened my gift through meditation I specialize in love and relationships. I directly contact your Spirit guides, to receive the answers your heart is searching for. I can give you clarity, strength, and independence. I do not sugarcoat! I am a very honest and detailed psychic reader. I take my work very seriously. Please connect with an open heart and open mind, be prepared to hear the truth,

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Personal number


I would love to start my I intro by welcoming you all. I'm Psychic Welchez. I've been practicing Love and Relationship and astrology for 9 years. I recently discovered that I have psychic abilities when I was able to see several situations before it actually happened.

Personal number 4485


I am generational psychic with abilities gifts past down from generations. I am able to read Angel Cards with accuracy and guiding. I can read Tarot cards with details about past present and future details concerning love and relationship life changes that maybe coming with details on these matters career and family I will ask my guides and read through your guides energy and auras I will read through my crystal ball for clarity. I interpret dreams and past life events with guidance and symbolic

Personal number 0246


Do you have a question you really need answering , Lets ask the cards and they shall tell. Having done tarot readings for friends and family for various years I�??ve now decided to reach out to others to give them comfort and honest readings.

Personal number 8975


I first found myself with these abilities when I realized how many people would come to me with their difficulties in life. I have had tons of experience working people through love, anger, sadness, and even happiness. I am a great listener, as well as having great insight in human emotions.

Personal number 6651