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What are we looking for... answers to questions or validation for our feelings and thoughts? Tarot cards assists us to provide answers and validations to clear paths and to assist us in making decisions, but they also ask us to stand up and take notice of our feelings and thoughts. Let's chat and open doors together through Tarot, Angel cards, Crystal cards and/or crystal healings. Get clarity on your relationships or let us clear what is blocking you when looking for love.


Personal number 4824


Decedent from my Native American roots, which is where my gift was passed down organically. I've been giving professional readings for over 4 years. Using my gift to provide clarity, 100% accuracy, and honest answers on any situation. The spiritual realm is so dense, and beautiful, my passion is connecting to clients on such a deep level, that I'm able to shed light and help those lost souls get back on track.


I've been able to do these services for over 7 years, for I am 27years young. I only recently honed my abilities in, and tho I do tarot also will not be able to for a little while. My precious cards were caught in a severe accident in the night, months ago and I've been in mourning. Please contact me, for any reason, I'd love to hear from you.

Personal number 4720


I believe I have a strong talent ability to help interpret dreams by searching deep within yourself to understand your subconscious. I believe all our relationships, illnesses, spiritual affairs are all connected and ultimately connected to your subconscious. When you take the time to dive deep into some areas that may not always be comfortable, you will be shocked to find someone is the most interesting parts of yourself hidden away. Don't feel embarrassed to seek help, I am here to help.

Personal number 0482


Hello. Im Eva and Im here to guide you. You may seek advice and guidance for many reasons, but all reasons alike, i consider it my calling a privilege to be on the journey with you. Let us take the journey to a higher knowledge together.


I was tooken on this journey not knowing exactly what it led to. Ive been sensitive all my life, Psychic happenings and spirits have always been of interest to me. As I got into my teen years I started giving insightful advice to loved ones, not being aware of the gifts. In my 20s I finally had a realization of the gifts I possessed and I needed to use them. It brings my heart joy when I can give the beautiful gift of guidance to others. I want to help all that I can and I know I can help you.

Personal number 6337


Over 10 years of reading people's energy or even sharing important messages/details from those who have passed. Natural abilities to connection with ones spirit. If you do not indeed, don't be afraid to ask.

Personal number 1416