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Hello, I am MysticElise! Nice to meet you! I have been able to communicate and see spirit since I was 6. I was brought up in a home that understood that I had a gift, as it has been passed down throughout generations. When I was of age, I started attending my local spiritualist church, where I found I blossomed with my gift even greater, I attended awareness and development classes, and still do. I have gave messages of truth, proof and light to many people through the years, and love what I do.


I am a Psychic Channel/Medium. I require no tools & use spiritual gifts. I can help in most areas. I have lots of experience. I work with integrity & I give my genuine intuitive impressions. I try to answer messages, ASAP. My usual schedule in the MDT time zone is as follows: Sat, Sun & Mon off, Tues-4:30 pm-7pm, Wed-4:30 pm-7pm, Th-4:30 pm-7pm, & Fri- 4:30 pm-7 pm. I would love to hear from you. Yours in the Light, Psychic Lynne


Hello! My name is RoxieCoxx and when I was 5 years old, I had the first inclination that I was different. My sister and I were playing in our backyard when I had a vision of a bright red truck running into my yard. I grabbed my sister and ran. Just then, a red Chevy truck slammed into the fence my sister and I were just behind. From then on, I knew that what I had was special and I should not ever forget it. Whoever can benefit from my gift, I want to help you! That is what I'm here to do!

Personal number 0380


I am Astral Star . I m connected to the universe, the earth the element . I get messages from the universe, the Angels and spirit guides. I work with Cards, stones, and the vibrations from the universe. I can give general spiritual guidance for better well being life counselling and messages form the Angels that take care of us


I have possessed psychic abilities for my entire life. I have continuously been able to predict future outcomes for any who inquire. I am able to read auras and help those looking for guidance find their way through tough situations.

Personal number 8751


Ive been doing readings for about 5 years now i give out accurate readings on any aspect of life.I pick up on energy and I try to offer healing emotional or physical iam always calling on my angels to lend a hand.


I've always known there is more to the world than meets the eye. This led me to a pack of tarot. I've learned from a Chilean spiritual healer how to use and decipher the signs that are delivered to us by the cards. I've been a foreteller for a year now, navigating between the energies of the magic and real. Time is an illusion. Our memories and intents guide us all. Let me help you find your way. I'm also a psychology student, and will help you in your queries on love and relationships.

Personal number 7020


I am an Intuitive Empath Psychic. I have been Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards for over 15 Years. Along with my intuitive gifts, I incorporate Astrological Energies with the Wisdom of the Tarot to deliver an accurate Insightful quality Reading. I am straight forward yet compassionate. You will receive clarity and have a better understanding of the topics you bring forward during your reading.

Personal number 5442