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Hi As a young girl I realised I could understand people's problems just by listening to a few words they spoke throughout my life I have developed my psychic abilities to the point where I can genuinely help others in all aspects of life , I will tell you honestly all that I see for you I am told my gift is very rare it certainly goes way beyond just reading tarot cards .

Personal number 8863


I am young, but my mind and heart is that of an old soul. I am very intuitive and am told to be the connection between the spiritual and physical world

Personal number 0335


I have been reading tarot and doing reading for 8 years now. I'm very connected with astrology and the signs. If you want a reading or someone just to talk about things, I your girl! I will give the best reading and some helpful advice to go with it.



My best qualities are Tarot card readings and Astrological readings. I specialize more in Tarot than the other psychic abilities. I have been doing this for more than a year and have been practicing for more than 3 years.


I started reading Tarot cards in my early 20's and I quickly realized I didn't always need the cards to help my clients. A short conversation of their situation and I was able to guide them through their difficult time. Love, intimacy and relationships are my speciality as I get a feel for your companions thoughts and can help you see a different prospective making you more desirable. Learning how to communicate from your heart will enhance all of your life's important relationships.


I have been conducting mind-blowing tarot readings for over twenty years. I provide insight and perspective. Know thyself and you will know all. If you need to know yourself better or need guidance in life, I'm your tarot man. I also offer guided spirit tours of your inner magical realm. If you don't have one yet, we can create yours together.

Personal number 4013


I am a mental health nurse and have been practicing tarot for several years. I like to use my tarot as a way to bring the subconscious to light. I am clairaudulent and receive messages through songs. I am able to hear a different meaning from lyrics.