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I started when I was a young girl, I've met some fantastic people over the years that also use tarot cards. I use to go to someone who would read my cards to me and that's when a spark hit me. I knew I needed to practice more on reading and fully understanding their potential. I can see the future.

Personal number 7667


Personal number 1515


When I was a young girl my mother would tell me of "the Feeling" that I would experience every time that I could see what was going to happen in the near future. She explained it to me as her mother had explained it to her. Our family has been blessed/cursed with this ability for as far back as is known. The first time I remember having this feeling I was about 6, it was like a tingle went from my gut through to my little fingers.

Personal number 0558


Hi it's Elle... I am a spiritual being in-tune with the universe. I have practiced manifestation myself for many years and this has allowed me to connect to the different energies of others on a much deeper level. I enjoy speaking with others, making sense of their star sign and looking at how we can connect with our spirit guides to find answers to love & relationships. Let's connect and use tarot and angel cards to assist this process.


I specialise in Tarot, Angel cards and I like to use Oracle cards, as I feel it gives confirmation to the overall read. I have been using tarot for over 10 years and have always been fascinated with mystical elements of the earth as a young girl. My gifts became more apparent to me when I was in my late teens when I realised I felt other peoples feelings and dreams would came to fruition. I enjoy reading Tarot intuitively and helping others on their life journey with messages from spirit.


I am a 4th generation clairaudient psychic. I am proficient in tarot, pendulum and rune readings. I specialize in love and relationships. The spirits speak to me in many different ways and I can help to guide people to their spiritual path. Let me help you find the guidance you need

Personal number 0530


Personal number 4870


I am an intuitive psychic medium on a mission to help you obtain wisdom and direction for your highest good! I am skilled at empathy, automatic writing, and self care advising. I channel messages through feeling your emotions, writing down messages based on your energy , and gathering insight on where you are in your self care journey. I have done love readings, career path confirmation ,and prophecy.

Personal number 5123