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Personal number 1462


Hello! Im Viktoria, and to what do I owe this curious yet marvelous pleasure? A honest reading yes? I want to lighten your day with some clarity for your current troubles. I specialize in love relationships readings. My father is psychic and since my teens, Ive been able to see past, present and future. I have been using the way of tarot for 5 years now for close friends and family until I started gaining stature in my community. It would be an honor to dive into your future! Thank you!

Personal number 2018


I've been reading angel cards and tarot cards for over 12 years. I enjoy communing with spirit for guidance in my daily life. I'm an empathetic and sympathetic listener, and I always treat my clients with dignity and kindness.

Personal number 2324


My grandmother was a Romani (or gypsy, but we don't like that word) psychic and taught me a lot about the old ways. I've been practicing Tarot and Astrology for five years.

Personal number


I have been a spiritual medium for more than 25 years now. I've always been aware of spirit but I thought everyone saw them. It wasn't until my late teens that I really started looking into the way we can work with spirit. I also teach and am a Reiki practitioner. Communication between myself and spirit comes from source. I also use oracle cards and some aboriginal cards too. I'm very much looking forward to connecting you from this world, to the next. L&L

Personal number


I'm a guru for love. I know how people tick and can spice up your life with all your relationships and endeavours.

Personal number


Thank you for contacting me. Many tend to contact me for advices regarding love, work, family and other topics that stays close to a persons heart. I'm aware that for many this is a big move to make and ask for help and guidance. When you do so I will be here for you. Assist and lead you to a safe and enlightened path on road of life.

Personal number


I'm a relationship guru. For years I have been helping people understand what they need to do spiritually to help their relationship when they feel unconnected. With my help, I can find out what the problems may be and find a way to connect you again.

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