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I am a natural intuitive and realised this as a child. I can guide you to make the best choices for yourself and live your best life.

Personal number 0019


Empath & Medium. I'm here to listen, coach and spiritually guide you through life. I specialize in the Law of Attraction & am a Master Manifestor. Lightworker with disciplines in career, love & relationships, trauma, deceased loved ones. I call upon my Spirit Guides, Angel Cards & Pendulum to help lead you in the right direction. Sensitive, compassionate & direct. Let me help you to regain clarity, focus & strength. It's time to live your best life!

Personal number 1338


I have always been a person who everyone has come to talk to get advice and feedback. I am a great listener. I learned that I have the ability to give great advice when I was a teenager, on a different level than others. Call it what it is, psychic ability or just a great active listener who cares and will give you honest feed back.

Personal number 2108


I am a relationship psychic expert. I have been practicing professionally for several years. I have predicted marriages, divorces, success and failures. Nothing is off limits when coming to me for some psychic expertise.

Personal number 0224


Annabella is a gifted spiritual healer, reader, and advisor extraordinaire who can and will help in all areas of guiding life. She specializes in love and relationships and can and will look deep into your future to help guide you in unlocking doors to a better tomorrow. Glimpse into your future to find the answers to your deepest, most burning desires and find what your heart is really looking for. Get answers to your deepest questions, find your souls most inner secret"

Personal number 7685


I have been a tarot reader working with spirit guides and reiki energies for 20 years they have never ceased to amaze me with their accuracy love and guidance! It would be a great honor to serve you with these gifts! Offering spiritual healings, readings, and channeling

Personal number 9850


iam a 3rd generation psychic with the ability to tell you about the past.present and future.i have over 15 yrs of experience in psychic readings.i can answer all your questions no matter how big or small.i will give you the advice you need to put you on the rite path in life.i will pick up on your energy give you peace of mind also I specialize in love and relationships reunite lost love Nothing is too big for me to solve all questions will be answered.

Personal number 9971


Hello Mercy888 her to give service to you! I do short readings to full life readings which could last up to an hour i tell whats to come in your weeks to months to years ahead of you just let me know. I also answer one question texts as well so call or text you will receive your answers.I do love and relationship readings, want answers from your guardian angels/spirit guides I can help with that by using my gifts to tap in and receive the messages ment for only you. 6 years of experience!!

Personal number 9859