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Hello, My name is Ashra. I have been reading tarot for about fifteen years. My readings are honest and straight forward. I channel into the energy field of your image and can read visions of your past, present and future and harnesses these revelations into accurate and in-depth readings that answer your greatest questions. Psychic readings, and particularly tarot readings, are a means of seeking answers to questions we may be avoiding, shining light on other people's motives.

Personal number 1524


I have the ability to tell you about your love and relationships. For example, if he or she is the one, if you will meet your lover soon. I will tell you exactly what you want to know. I can also connect you with your spiritual senses.

Personal number 9527


Hello I'm sisterstar I was born with this gift I have been doing readings for 35 years. I specialize in love marriage relationship Career health good Energy and a lot more

Personal number 7723


Hi I'm Hanna I can help you with your love and relationship advice and hopefully help you to the future my lovelys.

Personal number 1692


Hi guys My name is Sunny and I am clairvoyant as well as clairsentient. I've always been very spiritual. Over the last few years as I've opened spiritual doors I've been able to tap more and more into my gifts. I've had many experiences with the spirit world and can read and feel energies. I frequently do readings for friends and colleagues, have completed my first degree in reiki healing, and am in tune with the realm of the Angel's. I look forward to speaking with you. Love and light.

Personal number 7061


I realize my psychic abilities in college after relationship with a guy. I've been practicing since then and I have been helping my friends get into successful relationships and giving them advice to better help them maximize their love potential. I also use my advice to help me and my dating life. Astrology is a huge part of my life and more people should take it seriously as it tells you who you are. I can help you with your love life or give you a astrology reading if you're curious.

Personal number 5125


My main attributes are mediumship, clairvoyance. Along with my Guides I use Tarot ,Angel Cards etc listening and understanding are key to any spiritual reading Often a reading can reassure us of issues but will always be down to your free will.I have been a Spiritualist nearly all my life and have served various spiritualist centres as a serving medium .I have worked in various jobs that are all people focused this taught me a lot about people and above all about humility and compassion

Personal number 4867


Hello my name is Blaise & I have been reading Tarot for several years. After starting off with the Tarot, I soon realized that I was going much deeper into the readings, giving people more information on a psychic level. I know in these hard times we are all looking for answers about work, relationships & money. If I can advise you with any of those matters or something else you need to know then I would love to hear from you. Let's share a coffee & chat. Book me for a more indepth reading. :)

Personal number 2463