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Founder/CEO of Holistix Life & Celebrity Spiritual Intuitive & Numerologist 17 yrs bringing you answers solutions & insights about your life path-gifts- lessons & can accurately predict good timing on decisions & probable outcomes by calculating your life cycle & guide you for the best results in any area of your concern! (Love/career/holistic health consulting!!) empath/medium/ higher self conduit for angelic oracle readings with precision & clarity while gaining a nurturing new friend & guide!

Personal number 5661


I have the ability to pick up on things that most people don't notice. I observe not just what people are saying but how they say it and their reactions, their pauses, their tone, their perceptions. I look for those nuances that are so difficult to detect and use that to dig deeper. I love getting to know people because as much as we like to think we know someone well, the truth is, the human psyche is just to complex for anyone to know each other that well.

Personal number 6092


I discovered my psychic ability when I was 7. I started having premonitions and "feelings" which led to visions. It makes me happy when I am able to connect to someone and provide support and guidance. I specialise in Tarot and Angel cards. Get in touch to see your tarot now....

Personal number 5520


I have been practicing astrology readings for the past 5 years, I became obsessed with Horoscopes and found them to all to be very true to my spirit and nature. I want to help guide you down the right paths in terms of your own life as well as romantic aspects. I will interoperate the meanings for you so you can see how it fits in your own life.

Personal number 7757


natural-born Psychic and Spiritual Messenger. I have helped hundreds of people find answers to their questions and obtain their desired peace. Ever since I can remember, I have been able to sense and see spirits around me and have had the ability to communicate with them. With the guidance of spirits, I have been able to help my family, close friends and clients worldwide. I can establish a deep and honest connection with you when you open up to me and allow me to use spirit guides to help you.

Personal number 5399


I've devoted my life to my work, and I gain my most noteworthy rewards by working as one with you to return reason to your life, and to figure out how to adore both yourself and your life without limit. It brings me incredible bliss and fulfillment to utilize my natural and psychic blessings, which develop in quality and approval year on year to help individuals, from numerous points of view.

Personal number 0416


Healing Angel Alise has been communicating with the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and the Spiritual Realm from a young age. She has developed her intuitive, spiritual and manifesting abilities to help others. Angel Alise enjoys helping her clients and teaching them how to hear their own Angels. Healing Angel Alise receives and delivers angelic and intuitive messages from the Angels and Spiritual Realms. She specializes in Intuition, Spirituality, Angelic Oracle cards, meditation, and prayer.


I have been reading peoples' Tarot cards for over 20 years, and have picked up spirits when I speak to people. My spiritual gift once helped detectives find a suspect they were looking for.

Personal number 9100