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My name is Twigs I am 4th generation psychic and I have been a reader for over 18 years both face to face and online. I work closely with a guide called Danny who has a fabulous connection with me. Together Danny and I will shed light on any situation you are facing whether it be love life career and your spiritual growth. I am psychic swell as working with cards pendulum, voice vibration and auras. I look forward to reading for you. Blessings

Personal number 9002


Hello and welcome this is Emma I've developed my psychic ability when I was younger it was past down to me over 10 years ago and ever since I have been reading for people all over the world guiding them to a better path in there life I do not sugar coat anything I'm straight forward with my clients and very honest

Personal number 4905


I've worked over 10 years as a psychic. I use my amazing clairvoyant gift to help others in virtually all areas of their lives. I feel deeply connected to her spirit guides who supply me with factual and loving advice to share with those who request readings.

Personal number 4584


I am a simple messenger of the cosmos, here to offer my guidance and to illuminate the road ahead. My goal is to aid you at the crossroads ease your mind and put on the correct path to peace and happiness.

Personal number 0639


I believe in allowing future to come alive through me to those who are intended to receive. I am a third generation truth teller and empath. Truths flow through me like deja vous as I am delivering light to you. Come seek the truth of what can be yours. Release all tension inside your spirit to allow me to direct you to the light that is yours and only yours.

Personal number 9231


Hello, my name is Helena, and I am from the beautiful continent of Australia. I specialise in Psychic Guidance, Love & Relationships, Family & Friends, Health & Sex, Loneliness & Depression, Finances & Work. Please, connect with me today and let me guide your path with my intuitive gifts. Love & Light, From your Psychic Friend, Helena. xoxo

Personal number 6274


I discovered I had psychic abilities in my teens , however it wasn't until almost 2 years ago that I full embraced them. I specialise in love plus twin flame and soul mate readings as I'm an awakened twin myself and become fully enlightened by the process I offer I wide range of spreads to aid clients to connect with the truth. I use traditional tarot cards alongside angel cards to get an in-depth answer. I will talk to you about your past , present and guide you towards your future


Find out what the future holds... Why wait, take the plunge and find out does he or she love you? Is he or she cheating? Are you waiting for the door to open for the next chapter in your life or wanting to know how to open that door? Let me show you the way.

Personal number 7597