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I am a clairvoyant. I see vision in my dreams, and have moments of divination. I read tarot cards and perform palm readings. I have a strong sense of intuition and would love to help you figure things out!

Personal number 7247


Im currently in school studying Neuroscience along with behavioral and cognitive sciences. I am outgoing, intelligent, ambitious, caring, confident, and funny. I believe in a positive attitude, good manners, treating others how you want to be treated and chivalry. I can be a tomboy in jeans during the day and then get glammed up for a night on the town. Hobbies include the outdoors (LOVE the mountains), hiking, yoga and going to concerts! x

Personal number 7834


Specialising in tarot and coffee/tea cup readings and Clairvoyant intuitive message, Discovering my psychic gifts for Clairvoyante at a very young age I've since developed connection to sprit and the universe, using tarot and cup readings, numerology and astrology, as a tool for divination allowing me to see the past present and what you can expect to experience in the future. I can help you discover you birth path and karmic ties that may be limiting you. GoddessLDN


Hi I'm Aurora-Sky I have been reading tarot around 10 years and gosh that was now a long long time ago. I love getting to know my clients I also count many clients as friends I am informal and a normal down to earth northen girl who has a special gift that Iove to share im specialist in 7 card horse shoe cards and 10 card Celtic cross and 3 card past present and future let the cards tell your story of love,health, marriage ,guidance I'd love to hear from you Auorasky xxx

Personal number 7157


I always seemed to know I had special abilities. I have always been in tune with my surroundings. I really started practicing about two years ago. That's when I really realized I could help others. My friends were so have with what I was able to tell them.

Personal number 4593


Hey love I've been a psych for about 4 years now I learned about my ability at a kids birthday party weird right that's what I said any way my abilities include: Remote Viewing Second light Telepathy And many more so please come have a reading with me and see what's in store for you

Personal number 8315


Personal number 7025


Hi I'm Tasha. I'm a Intuitive Tarot and Angel card Reader. I have many years experience giving Insightful and Accurate readings. I am a good listener and non-judgemental. I can look into Love, Career, or general readings and will provide the clarity and insights you are searching for. Call me now for a professional and thoughtful reading.

Personal number 3487