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I've been practicing for a short time. I've only recently discovered my clairvoyance. I can see visions of the immediate present happening to someone else, somewhere that I'm not. I can also see the future. I can feel energies and I know when bad things are coming. I can smell and taste things that others can't. Telling me about your situation will help more with the reading.

Personal number 0747


Personal number 3734


I am an experienced, tarot and angel card reader who will always give you a detailed and prompt response. I was given my first deck 20 years ago and I have grown in strength from there. I use the cards along with my strong intuitive/empathic gifts and knowledge of the Law of Attraction to determine your situation and give you advice on how best to move forward. I specialise in love readings in particular as I know how it feels to be heartbroken! I will never judge and I will always be honest. X


I have had special psychic abilities since I was a child. I can see the future and help you make any decisions that you are having trouble with. Trust me and you will see the light. I have a great intuition in guidance and love. I will help you make the best decisions for your life.

Personal number 5523


I use a lot of the universe energy to pick up vibrations and to find out truth and to heal. Come talk to me if you are emotionally in pain or need advice I can help you heal your inner wounds

Personal number 6153


Good at giving advice on relationships and can offer support, not gonna lie I'm not a big psychic but if you want to chat to someone who's not fake and will actually understand you then I'm ya girl

Personal number 8877


I have been a psychic medium for the past 10 years. Although my ability to see and speak to spirit started at a young age. I have guided many couples with their relationship over the years and also helped people greive the loss of their loved one. I have been doing tarot cards for 8 years now. I love them they give amazing insight to people who need it the most.

Personal number 9955


Let me talk with you. No games, just real insite on your questions. Explain to me your day, week, month, or year so far and ill give you another outlook you have been missing. Its hard to talk to people close to you, I understand. Let me be your ear you need without judgments.

Personal number 7490