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I am compassionate and kind as well as being wise in the ways of the world. I will do my best to help you in any aspect of your life. You can come to me with any and all problems or concerns. I will approach you with sensitivity but also with the truth.

Personal number 9034


I've enjoyed the pleasure of helping others seek answers to questions unanswered. My gift started as a young child and has made for quite the conversational piece at dinner. Sometimes we cannot wait to see what happens, sometimes we need to know now! I will do everything in my power to ease your wondering mind.

Personal number 8451


If you're looking for answers from someone who genuinely cares, then have a chat with me! I can see things other readers can't, that's why some of my best clients are other psychics. I've been blessed with truesight since I was a small child, and have been a professional advisor for over 10 years. Because I'm a Reiki master, Certified Herbalist, and Certified Homeopath, I have a deep well of knowledge that can help almost anyone. I hope to hear from you soon!

Personal number 0715


Starting my path at a young age, I have been developing and enhancing my abilities for over 18 years. Being a Spiritualist has broadened my knowledge of various different cultures and reading styles/ techniques that I have found extremely beneficial with the diversity of my clients. I enjoy learning more about my craft and have been professionally offering my services for 10 years. I find a true sense of joy in knowing I provided clarity or even direction for one's path to enlightenment.


I have always had keen intuition. My gift of discernment has always served me well in my life. And in the lives of people who come to me seeking guidance and support. Talk to me to find out where you need to go to get what you want to get in life

Personal number 4975


My name is Samiya, but my friends call me Miya! As a little girl, I have always been characterized as sensitive. Only as I grew older, I've realized that in specific situations, I could close my eyes and see much more than darkness. I look forward to enlightening and enriching the lives of many on this platform.

Personal number 7349


For years, I have studied the mystical, metaphysical, and occult. I have a deep knowledge of magick, and how to use energy to help myself and others. I am highly empathetic, idealistic, and someone who enjoys making a positive impact. I will inspire change and positive growth in your life. I explore the subconscious mind through dream analysis, my intuition, and tarot primarily. I am deeply versed in topics regarding intimacy, sexuality, love/relationships, finances, grief, and family matters.

Personal number 4703