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Hi guys, my name is Kalani, I discovered I had psychic abilities at a very young age. It started when i would say things and shortly after it would actually happen almost spot on. I started taking it seriously 7 years ago, since then I have been helping others by giving insight on their future.


I am a psychic clairvoyant empath with the ability to pick up on all aspects of life, energies, aura, vibrations, and so on. Any thoughts and feelings, time frames and events. I am able to look into all areas of life. Love, Finances, Career, Family, Negativity etc. I am very honest and straight forward, I will never give you false hope! I am able to use my God given ability, as well as tools such as crystals and candles. I can help guide you onto the path you are meant to be on. God bless!


I specialize in astrology and love and relationships. I've worked as an astrologist for a few years now. I can sense future outcomes but I avoid going into the past for my own personal reasoning. I discovered my tendencies at an early age around 12. I'm able to do spiritual sessions & mindful sessions as well



I learned all that I know from my grandmother and she learned from her mom. I've been practicing since I was about 13 getting better and better with each happy customer. I was in the army for a bit and I used to read my Colleagues tarot cards on our time off until I got injured and sent home. So I'm an army veteran now. I still love to do reading and healings in my free time.


Hello everyone, my name is Bria and i specialize in love and relationship advice. I am 22 years old but have the wisest mind I know personally. I love to listen to ones worries, or excitements and make light of it all. You wont leave our conversation upset, or with the same mindset you had before. Guaranteed.


I specialize in astrology and love/relationships. I use your zodiac sign, your rising sign, and your moon sign to help you figure out certain things happening in your life. I also can help you see if your love interest will be able to co exist in with your aura.


I've always had an intuitive nature about and the ability to comfort. I love talking to everyone i can always sense special qualities in people. Talk with me let me guide you through and help get you to where you want to be.