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Personal number 4051


LovelyOsun, is a fourth generation psychic. He has been aware of her psychic gift of spiritual insight and awareness since childhood and eventually went to her father's homeland to be trained in spiritual tradition by her grandmother. She uses Clairvoyance and Astrology to to tune into your questions on love and career. Her reading style is patient and inspirational. LovelyOsun creates an immediate feeling of non-judgmental comfort through the healing energy of her voice.

Personal number 6502


Astrology is the center of this universe, it helps you to understand your path in life and where your journey might take you and also how to stay afloat and don't allow the rollercoaster of life to tear you down. I am here to help you find yourself and find self love and build relationships with others.

Personal number 9538


As a reader I'm all about raising my clients vibrations, you won't find any judgement here just a confidential and supportive space filled with love, light, motivation and inspiration. I work using psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities and I will receive thoughts, words (pop in my head), pictures (in my minds eye) as well as physical sensations like particular smells. I pride myself in my no nonsense approach and will 'say what I see' but this will always be in a compassionate manner.

Personal number 9329


I am a tarot and intuitive reader! I have been doing this for 1 year professionally and 26 years for family and friends! I have a very personal relationship with my guides! I am also a healer and a spiritual journey guide! I also love to work with my pendulums I will always tell you the truth as I speak through the sprit world!

Personal number 6213


I was conceived in ritual on hallowed ground, raised by many psychics and healers that guided me into my gifts of healing and spiritual connection. I have helped many people. It is my journey to help humanity and guide those that seek my guidance to their greatest potential.

Personal number 7144


I am a clairvoyant psychic life coach that provides her clients with choices that will improve your relationships. I am a very compassionate empath and often will feel your pain and sorrows . Due to my compassion, I will often be very loving on the phone with you.

Personal number 0256


Annabella is a gifted spiritual healer, reader, and advisor extraordinaire who can and will help in all areas of guiding life. She specializes in love and relationships and can and will look deep into your future to help guide you in unlocking doors to a better tomorrow. Glimpse into your future to find the answers to your deepest, most burning desires and find what your heart is really looking for. Get answers to your deepest questions, find your souls most inner secret"

Personal number 7685