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Welcome Im Goddess Becca My skills are, *Career and work *Clairvoyant *Dream Analysis *Family Issues *Life path *Love reading *Mind and Body *Past Life *Pendulum *Relocation *Spiritual Guidance *Tarot Cards

Personal number 9649


I combine psychic clairvoyance, and clairaudience with years of medium abilities. I specialize in reading the The Madame Lenormand Cartomancy cards, automatic writing, and Kabbalah cards. I have experience in working with Crystals, and assisting others with empowering themselves Spiritually. I work with compassion, and I believe in truth with a gentle heart. I am the daughter of a great Psychic and Healer who recently passed on, and I sometimes work with him to assist me with readings.

Personal number 9490


Personal number 4271


Hi I have been helping lovers with there relationships and even woman and men wanting love through the seasons. I help bring others together and help others smile everyday. I know your wondering how well as a young woman I had abilities of knowing who was meant to be together and wasn't suppose to be together. Plus I enjoy helping others in need so let me give you a chance of love.

Personal number 9025


I have my practicing how to be a psychic for about a year now and only got 1 wrong. I'm not the type of psychic that hangs outside I'm more of a low key one. I like to learn the person a little bit more before I tell.

Personal number 8405


Born with a veil as the seventh child of a seventh child for three generations. Serenity is a very uplifting spiritual psychic advisor. She uses her gifts as an empath and medium, as well as angel cards to provide details to your questions regarding love, finance, relationships and career. A favorite of her clients Serenity uses her abilities to provide detailed information in the forces of positive energies To give you the guidance that you need.

Personal number 9323


Psychic Lisa am a intuitive psychic, medium, clairvoyant and life coach. reading for the 25 years. I also offer love readings tarot card readings psychic readings astrology readings tea leaf readings chakra balancing soulmate reading love spells evil eye removal contact me for a better tomorroware you lost looking for your soulmate looking for the one that you love and care for are you struggling to financial or are you just simply down-and-outI'm here today to help you in all matters of life

Personal number 1134


Hi I'm Priscilla I am a clairvoyant psychic counselor healer twin flame love expert with over 10 of experience I can quickly gain insight into the depth of the past present and future situations i will give u valuable insight that will thrust you forward in life n give you renewed hope insights concerning love and relationships I will provide what u need to know i have the ability to see or gain I will provide straightforward and candid info on any issue!

Personal number 2687