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I have been a psychic reader over 10 years I discovered my gift at a very young age I am a Born gifted psychic First, I am honored and humbled for my Given Gifts and that you are allowing me to be a part of your personal life. I am honest and straightforward, but not rude, judgmental or insensitive to your emotional state or current situations. I do not play Guessing Games or LIE Or Sugarcoat what I see I am human and fallible. AMAZING CLAIRVOYANT reader with STRONG MEDIUM abilities...

Personal number 1724


I practiced for about 3 years. I discovered it when I would instantly start feeling a certain way and get a feeling something as going to happen and it would happen!

Personal number 3908


I've been practicing for couple years now. I've had dreams through out my childhood, teenage, and adult hood years of people I've never met. I want to be able to help those that are in my dreams.

Personal number 7360


belong to the community of people with extrasensory perception who always use this extraordinary gift from God to help people transform their lives. I am always positive, compassionate and willing to help. People trust me more than their loved ones most of the time and it is my utmost priority to value their trust and take them out of the mess they are trapped in

Personal number 3856


Helping and healing people and relationships for over 16 years. am a psychic,counselor and have a long history in solving matters such as Marriage Lovers, children or questions worrying you in general. I am a natural empath who has found great success in reaching solutions for people who have suffered from problems like divorce or if you are just looking to find answers as to which way to turn. I don't judge you, I give you a straightforward view on what is the right way to resolve an issue.

Personal number 0150


Hello, I am a life coach/counsellor by profession and passion. I have been practicing psychic work for a number of years now. In addition, I am a medical intuitive. I use tarot cards, oracle cards, and angel love cards as tools to connect with my higher guidance to answer questions about love, relationships, work, and more... If you are struggling with challenging situations or choices, I can give you valued insights with phone and email readings. Readings bring clarity, hope, and guidance.

Personal number 2243


When I was growing up in South Louisiana, my family was well known for its psychic ability. I come from a long line of astrologers, psychic readers, and voudon adherents. I began training as an astrologer at age 12 and have for over 20 years. I can't wait to put my expertise to work for you!

Personal number 3887


I am an intuitive psychic medium. I will provide insight and guidance on the problems that you are facing. My readings are clear and straight to the point. We can talk about anything that is worrying you. This is your reading and it is judgement free. Talk freely and openly about your problems or concerns. Ask questions and receive clear answers. I will use my gifts to guide and support you. I have many years of experience as a psychic and as an empathic healer. I am here to help you.

Personal number 6038