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I first learned of my abilities as a young child and as I matured, they became stronger and I learned to listen accordingly. I decided to use this to help others if possible.

Personal number 0339


Love and Light! I am Iridescent Clarity, she who brings the spectrum of truth in its many colors. I'm fourth generation gifted from both sides of my ancestral lineage, an initiated mystic priestess who has been exploring her gifts since a young age! I'm fluent in over 16 different forms of divination, all of which assist my first line of ethereal intuition. I deliver compassionate, humorous, inspirational, straight forward truth with no fillers, in my cosmically poetic flow. Let's talk!

Personal number 4490


Hello, my name is amara. I am a 4th generation psychic I specialize in all areas of life. If you are looking for accurate and honest answers contact me today. I do not sugarcoat or give false advice I am open to what I see.

Personal number 4235


Want to know the future of your relationship? Need help deciding what to do about a big decision? I'll help by focusing on you and using my ability to find out the future. Raised in the south, my gift was passed down from generation to generation. Dream interpretation is also a gift I have developed over the years.

Personal number 1547


Im a sensitive empath wiccan. Ive been practising tarot for 6 years and consider myself to be an all rounder when it comes to being in touch with my spiritual energy.

Personal number 2628


I am a clairvoyant psychic life coach that provides her clients with choices that will improve your relationships. I am a very compassionate empath and often will feel your pain and sorrows . Due to my compassion, I will often be very loving on the phone with you.

Personal number 0256


-Extensive knowledge and insights in providing psychic guidance in the most troubling situations -Providing tools to achieve inner peace by satisfying the indispensable need of alleviation of mental agony and spiritual suffering -Bringing clarity to the mind and spirit for equipping individuals to successfully take on any and all challenges -Freeing the soul from bondage of mental slavery and old wounds -Efficient relationship counselings

Personal number 5827


As a reader I'm all about raising my clients vibrations, you won't find any judgement here just a confidential and supportive space filled with love, light, motivation and inspiration. I work using psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities and I will receive thoughts, words (pop in my head), pictures (in my minds eye) as well as physical sensations like particular smells. I pride myself in my no nonsense approach and will 'say what I see' but this will always be in a compassionate manner.

Personal number 9329