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When i was 16 years old i started read tarot cards.i started practicing for 4 years. Then i started reading them to people just for fun.then one day this lady came up to me and ask if i could read about her love and relationship. I gave it a try and everything i told was true. i did that for a few years now and i have decided to try healers and spirit guides.


I am a certified psychic I've been a psychic since 65 years I've been helping people giving the advice and love marriage business health career not only I will give you the advice I would also give You the tools to help and learn more about yourself


I have an loving spirit, always willing to help others with love advice an expert in relationships. I'm friendly and kind, I love listening to others carefully. Always here to listen and talk about anything!

Personal number 5938


I've seen a lot , I've been through a lot and nothing helps more than some advice. I will listen and give back helpful feedback to fix your mess or someone else! I believe everyone should experience genuine love, let me help...

Personal number 5192


I have had psychic abilities since the age of 12. I have the ability to see the future and pick up on positive and negative energies.If you have problems or doubts with someone in your life.Give me a call.

Personal number 1172


I am a medium and can channel loved ones or your twin flame for you. I am also clairvoyant and an intuitive. Book a reading with me anytime or message my inbox for a mini reading I look forward to helping guide you on your journey and answering your questions.


I have been intuitive for as long as I can remember, since I was a kid I could close my eyes, focus... and just know things. I have spoken with deceased, I have seen them as well. I've always just known things were going to happen before they happen.

Personal number 2626


Are you feeling lost? Confused? Worried? Get all the answers you are looking for today! I can assist you in unraveling the confusion in your life by helping you to see the options that are in front of you. ...

Personal number 2067