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MysticPaul is a certified Tarot reader, Angel Card reader, energy healer and natural-born Mystic. He specializes in helping you see the light in the difficult and Dark Places in your life. The cards do not tell your future, but rather they help you to choose the best path for your success and future blessings.


I am Ravi. I come from a long line of voodon psychics from West Africa. I do full natal chart readings, love compatibility and synastry charts, as well as Lilith interpretations and I offer advice from the interpretations and readings based on your alignment with the stars, planets and your houses. I give very in-depth readings because I dig down to the root of who you are. Would you like to know your deepest darkest secrets that the universe says about you?


I've been able to read other people and have had an affinity for "knowing" the outcome of something without any reasonable explanation. I sometimes "see" things that "feel" profound but in all actuality, make no sense. Some call me crazy, some call me special, I say I listen more than most to my psyche.

Personal number 6737


I have been providing psychic services for over 5 years, specializing in love and relationships as well as tarot reading cards.

Personal number 5964


I have always been very empathic, even as a child. The older I became the stronger my abilities got. For sometime I shied away from my gift afraid of what others may think, that was until about 5 years ago when I realized I should be thankful that the universe had blessed me with the ability to help other get the answers they so deserve.

Personal number 9494


Love is the frequency I live in. I am sensitive to energy and would love to help guide you. I have 5 tarot decks including a soul card deck.


I love helping people with my psychic abilities. I am aware how powerful this can be, therefore I respect my gift to its fullest when translating it via cards or feelings . With over 10 years of experience. I found my gift when I was a little girl.


Welcome dear, to my profile. You are here because you are looking for answers, and deep down you know that I can answer them. I have been a psychic all my life without even knowing it, always predicting to my family and friends what the future was planning for them. I have always been right about it. I do want to help you, and I really hope you and I can find a way yo your happiness. Greetings, Adelya

Personal number 2248