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My psychic abilities is knowing your relationship connections and what you are going to get in that relationship. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Personal number 7815


Pure light, good witch. I use the sound of your voice & my 3rd eye to give you accurate readings, along with help from spirits and guides. My readings will give you the confidence and clarity you desire


Bella was born with a rare psychic gift, a natural ability to communicate with Spirit Guides. She has the ability to see them, talk to them, and hear them when they speak. She is able to directly ask Spirit guides any questions you have about your life, and hear their answers when they reply. This is what makes Bella's gift so unique and a psychic experience of its own kind! During your psychic reading, Spirit guides will answer your questions through Bella!


Hi I'm Sabrina and It's not just by chance that you have visited my page. I'm here to help you, calm the ocean and bring peace to your mind. I'm a deeply spiritual person with extensive empathic abilities. I specialise in Zodiac, Astrology, Tarot and Angel cards reading. I am a great listener and able to effectively guide you in all areas of your life including love, career and family. I hope to uplift your mind, spirit and soul allowing positive energy and happiness to come into your existence.


Hello my name is Tilly I use my energies to help and guide into your relationships, career, and travel also any worries you may have at present with a 12 month overview. I adhere to be caring, understanding and friendly with always time to listen to your concerns, and then hopefully I will bring you peace of mind and happiness for the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Personal number 6520


I became interested in Tarot reading as a teenager. As I became an adult, I realized that my intuition had heightened. I have been reading Tarot cards for over ten years. I believe in free will and that very little, if anything - is set in stone. Your reading will help you discover what is hidden and reveal potentials. You will find this knowledge incredibly useful in your life decisions. I also work as a relationship coach I understand the daily life challenges you may face.


I'm new to being a psychic I'm just very aware because it's been happening to me since I was little whenever I was in a conversation with people somethings just come to me and later on everything I have told someone or enlighten them on wat I see it comes true I'm not saying I'm the best because I'm not the universe gives it to me and I receive it

Personal number 1863


Life can be overwhelming and lonely sometimes. Many things you feel you can't talk about even with family or close friends. anything but I can be a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. If you are bored and up too late at night, wanting someone to chit chat with to pass time. I won't judge you because I've been there. We all need someone to talk to now and then but it isn't always easy. Just know I'm here with an open mind and open ears