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If you're here, that typically means you are troubled with something, or you're curious. While I'm not a medium, I am an empath. I can only give you comforting, judge-free advice. I have a way of looking at a situation in a more understanding way than others might. We are all a sucker for love and can often be blinded by it. Tarot cards are something that I genuinely believe in. They can often guide us in the right direction or provide a greater understanding. Feel free to send me a message.


I have been a psychic for over 5 years and have the ability to see what the future has in store for you. I specialize in all areas such as health, illness , talent , dreams , family and friends , financial and your actual life purpose! I have also been counselor and motivational speaker for several marriages and self focus.


Hi I practiced phsycic abilities for 5 months I can help with love, relationships, advice, I also can help with you with being a better you. If u need to know if your partner is cheating. And if u just need someone to talk to I'm here. So that's a little about me


Is someone cheating? Is a breakup coming? How can you fix your relationship? Are you happy? Welcome to My Page, Indica Jayde will help with all your problems. Horoscopes. Find Love, Maintain Love & Prevent Heartbreak.


Hello my name is Abra and I've been reading tarot, tunes and the ogham for many years. I first discovered my abilities when I was a little girl of eight and would have dreams that came true. I began reading tarot soon after ages found that I could focus my abilities using the cards. I specialise in self awareness and live readings and I am a non judgemental and open minded reader.


Life Changing Psychic Advisor. Gain meaningful insights & practical advice, achieve a deeper understanding of events, and discover fresh perspective. 3rd Generation Master Psychic I can link into your energies and feel what you are feeling, guiding you away from emotional turmoil, turning it into hope and empowerment. I will inspire you with confidence and guide you to live the uniqueness of your being--- in truth, freedom and love.


I believe my physic abilities are impeccable. At the beginning of each day without having anything planned I can guess who will contact me and what I will do that day. I can predict events based off of my physic abilities and can confirm them to be true.


I have always been blessed with powers that I turned away from at a young age. I have now gained confidence in these senses and I want to help you in whatever stage of life you are in and help you get through any hurdles that may be in your way. I read tarot cards, I get messages from the other side and I also heal both your soul and relationships. I will always be honest with what comes through and I will always aim to help you so I look forward to hearing from you.