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Personal number 3672


Since I was young woman, I've been told that I am an old soul. I have a strong intuition and have learned to trust it. I use my tarot cards as a visual guide... intuitive tarot is what I call it. I am someone who truly enjoys helping people with honesty, love and compassion. I may not always be able to tell you what you want to hear, but I will tell you what you need to hear so that you can continue to grow on your journey. A metamorphosis if you will. That is why I chose the name Metamorphi.


Annabella is a gifted spiritual healer, reader, and advisor extraordinaire who can and will help in all areas of guiding life. She specializes in love and relationships and can and will look deep into your future to help guide you in unlocking doors to a better tomorrow. Glimpse into your future to find the answers to your deepest, most burning desires and find what your heart is really looking for. Get answers to your deepest questions, find your souls most inner secret"

Personal number 7685


Let me guide you through your journey as you search for answers or simply for an ear to listen. At times we may feel like no one is there, I know that feeling all too well and I strive to fill that void in others.

Personal number 9346


Personal number 2432


Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your present life situation, having some concerns about where to start and how to move forward? A session with me can help you overcome the blocks and fears that get in the way of you living your most amazing life. Through gentle energy techniques and spiritual guidance she can support you as you grow your Life and inner Spiritual awareness.


My name is Fractal. I have 2 years of experience in reading tarot, working from home or going to my clients. The goal of my readings are to help you gain insight, find some clarity, provide guidance and answer any question you may have. These readings are real, honest, descriptive, straightforward & performed with the clients needs/concerns in mind.


I am a professional Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Reader with natural abilities. I have a passion for Astrology too, I feel this is my true calling as a genuine people person who loves to listen I am here to help guide. I wanted to offer more to my clients to enhance thier psychic reading experience.As a healer I now offer Chakra ,Aura , healings and share my knowledge of Astrology if needed by client.I specialize in soulmates and twin flames So please don't wait and call