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I have always valued the truth very highly. For me, accessing thoughts and feelings on a variety of situations is something that must be practiced every single day and in all situations. It is how I live my life. I welcome the chance to interact with others and to share with them. As such I look forward to talking with you.

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I have know about my psychic powers since I was 12. I evaluated omens in my everyday life and now currently study Tarot and meditate to reach a high spiritual standing.

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My name is Raven, and I'm a gifted psychic. I've been able to see spirits since I can remember, though it's not as clear-cut as everyone thinks. Most often, I get a sideways glimpse of a figure, but the feeling is the most important. I can sense what it is I see from the corner of my eye by name, nature, and personal connection. Most often, spirits speak to me in images. These images are their way of telling me to let people know they are there when they come across the object I see.

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My name is Lilith Moon and I am a professional Tarot reader and registered Soul Re -Alignment Practitioner. As well as Tarot, I also read the Akashic Records, which offer insight about the journey of your Soul from the moment it was created by Divine Source I have been interested in Tarot since I obtained my first deck when I was a younger. I took up reading the cards later in life and now have over twenty years experience.

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Ask me a question and I can tell you the answer. Wondering if he loves you? Want to know what the future holds for you? Just ask and I will give you the answers

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Hello! I'm Spiritual Faith. I have over 15 years experience with my psychic ability. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. This means I could see, hear, and feel images, vibrations, and senses from a person's voice vibrations. I can sense what you're going through and what you have been through. I can predict things that will take place, knowing opportunities and future outcomes. I can help you better prepare for what's to come and allow them to manifest in the most positive way.

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I've been giving readings for the past 10 years. I give you the answers you seek, with a kind touch. Let's navigate your concerns together!

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