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I am a highly skilled Tarot card reader, I am from the 3rd Generation of Psychics all of my life I knew I was gifted and since I was a little child I have predicted events in my life that changes us forever. Let me give you to that peace of mind that you deserve, stop wasting your time or investing in something that is not gonna work, let me be the one who guides you to the right path.


I enjoy using my gift of extrasensory perception to help others find answers they are looking for. I use my altar and cards to guide me gracefully and spiritually. Whether you are seeking guidance in relationships, your future, or dealing with spirits. I am here to offer my assistance.


I have been a psychic for some years now, it just comes to me naturally. It's has never been a time where my lovebugs weren't satisfied, everyone is always amazed and I absolutely love when they try reaching back out to me telling me about how everything evolved! You won't regret allowing me to give you some peace!


I discovered my ability when I was 7 years old and I predicted a family members death. I saw that person dying in my dreams 3 times and they were gone by the next week. I also have the ability to heal pain in people's hearts and bodies. I've also solved two crimes in my sleep. I was given the name of the missing person prior to solving the crime.


I am very spiritual and rely on my intuition to see the inner truth that others overlook often in their lives. I often give tarot and angel readings professionally with great success. My goal is to help and heal hearts and souls that struggle in romantic relationships. Our hearts often override our minds it's ok to seek guidance when making those big leaps of faith.


I am an empath . I am compassionate and intuitive , as well as patient and a good listener. If you are looking for truth and clarity i am the right pick for you


Hi all i have been a naturally gifted medium all my life I have been doing readings for the past couple of years I do them In English and German I have had some exelent feed back from. Previous and returning customers I try to do my best in describing everything as clear as possible and try and help people find the answers there looking for.


I have been gifted with clairaudience since I was very young. I hear voices of the departed and they guide me to help others. I am a messenger. I also have prophetic dreams and dabble with tarot cards.