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I am Katya from Moscow,Russia. I am an experienced mystic who uses Tarot,astrology and crystals to help you connect with the current goings on around you. Call me for a reading today.

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Are you feeling lost and a bit confused in your love life? Are you struggling after falling out with your family? Or even unsure about a co-worker? I can help. I can help you with love issues, relationship issues and to see what I predict for your future. Love, light and happiness is on the cards for everyone.

Personal number 7402


I'm able to sense anything you need me too. I've been specializing in this for quite some time and it's my absolute passion!

Personal number 8060


Enjoy casting of the runes. The Futhark alphabet was derived from the runes, but the runes themselves kept their magical properties. Runes goes back to the times of Odin, the god of magic and wisdom. As an energy healer and spirit guide for more than 15 yrs, self taught and guided by the spirit within me.

Personal number 5157


I'm loving caring someone fun to talk to me someone that you would love to talk to someone that you love to tell your secrets to

Personal number 6616


I was born in Cuba but came to the U.S when I was 9 years old, I love dogs & I am a good listener and like to give advice and make others feel good

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I have always been a spiritual knowing soul from a little girl of 8 I have given messages from the spirit world I am the eldest one of four sisters who also have the gift and come from a family of spiritual teachers healers and spirit workers . I am 4th generation psychic I have been trained by my mother who has the gift of mediumship and clairvoyance.I attended a spiritual church and development at this young age . I work with my crystal ball , my beautiful spirit guides and angels

Personal number 1372


I can give you the insight you have been looking for into your love and relationship life and give you what has been going wrong for you.

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