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I have been gifted with clairaudience since I was very young. I hear voices of the departed and they guide me to help others. I am a messenger. I also have prophetic dreams and dabble with tarot cards.


I have been practicing spiritual readings for many years. I am not a believer in lies i believe in truth energy and peace I am going to tell you from a point of view that will be easily adjusted to I will only give you the truth and guidance to beginning a new lifeb vibrating on a higher frequency a brighter you a better you awaits.


I have been collecting tarot cards since I was 12 and started studying them when I was 16! They have played a huge part of my life and I would like to share that with others now. I also love to interpret people's dreams - I have had a lot of success analyzing my own and the dreams of others so this is another gift I would like to share!


3 Generations of Psychics, 15 years of experience, many happy clients. Helped a lot of people to see more options, better solutions, improve situations and find ways to a harmony. Do not hesitate to contact me.


As a Psychic Empath since my youth I have been able to connect to others around me and guide them successfully and positively forward with my intense ability to feel their feelings,intentions and active thoughts. I can tell you if there is reason to stay in a situation or move on and I am very accurate with my readings,without judgement.You will feel the compassion that I truly am here to help you on the right path!


I have had mediumship and clairvoyant traits from an early age. I started reading Taro cards in my teens and as an adult I've had 25+ years working with spirit, guides and ancestors, I'm very honest and will always work for your highest good. I have counselling skills and I'm none judgemental. Spirit have no sense of space nor time so tend to show past/ present/ future and tend to show me things to identify they are still around, I trust my guides/ancestors and generational abilities.


Just a little unique and different, some would call me strange. I love oddities and I study everything witchy. Astrology is my upmost favorite. I love doing birth charts, both a person's natal and draconic. I also love to do in depth relationship compatibility. Both of these readings are always accurate and on point.


Fairly new to reading tarot cards. However my readings have been terrifyingly precise. I use a moon tarot reading to gain an understanding of where you're coming from, where you are, and the paths to take from here.