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Also specialising in Spiritual Dowsing I have the ability to communicate to departed loved ones animal or human, i am also very well in tune with my cards all Angel Moon and Tarot...i have a love for rune stone readings also

Personal number 8198


I am able to look into pieces of your life that you didn't think mattered. Finding those secret desires and impulses is my specialty. I will be sure to uncover all of your hopes and desires as I find the best outcome for you.

Personal number 5686


I first discovered I was psychic the day my sister fell through ice and almost drowned. It was a snowy winter and my family went out to play in the snow. My little sister wandered off and my mother couldn't find her. Suddenly, I awoke to my mother shaking me and sobbing. I had fallen into a trance and began screaming my sister's name and that she was in the water. My mother ran to the small deep pond on our property. She dragged my unconscious sister from the water. Thankfully I was alright.

Personal number 9285


I am a true gifted 5th generation natural are you confused unhappy and depressed? Do you need help finding your soulmate or making a career change? Or are you just fed up with the way life has been treating you? One call with me can and will change your life specializes Tarot cards readings on past present future love life business marriage friends family health and much more I am a spiritual healer with 20 years experience call me now you will not be disappointed

Personal number 2832


With many heart aches and heart breaks I couldn't find what I was looking for until I found out that I was an expert in love and relationships just not for myself

Personal number 3564


Hi, thank you for visiting my profile my name is Madison! I am born with my gift and have been giving readings since 10 years. My gift will guide you through difficult times. When things are looking wrong when are they gonna go right? Where is my soulmate? Will I ever be married? These questions that linger through you're mind early morning/Late at night can be answered! I am a very honest and upfront psychic. But no problem can not be solved with direction! One call with me will amaze you.

Personal number 7288


Ever since I was little I had feelings and intuitions about certain people and events. I could suspect or imagine what was about to come, when people had futures together, or someone betrayed a friend or partner. As I grew up and started to have my own life experiences I learned to tame and expand this gift, allowing me to sense the future, defined in the destiny of our universe, when concentrated to anyone who asks.

Personal number 5594


I am the Natural Psychic, Pisces Sun , Aries Rising Life path 5 and Born on a full moon. Messages come to me through dreams, I pick up on energies easily and naturally I have learned that my life is better when I trust my magick within and it has been every since I've been doing so. I've been in tune with my gifts for 5+ years and I've know I had them as early as age 5

Personal number 5377