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I am a natural born psychic, spiritual healer and crystal healer. I work with spiritual guides and spirits. I am able to see into your past and future. I specialize in Love and relationship and matters of the heart. I have been practicing for over 20 years. I have been working on line for over 11 years and I enjoy supporting and helping others. Open your energy the quantum world awaits you.

Personal number 1792


Greetings Beautiful Souls, I am Lucky Lala and I am here to offer you peace to your burning questions. I have been blessed with this spiritual gift. After a crazy divorce over 10 years ago, I discovered that I had a gift in sharing people what the Spirit and cards needed to share with the world. Releasing that old relationship opened me up to a world of wonderful soul healing connections. Peace and Many Blessings to you! Welcome!

Personal number 4954


Relationships can be hard work, me and my partner have been through so much together, we have been apart, moved in together, hit rock bottom still are but always find away to get through. I wanna help

Personal number 8953


I've always been very sensitive to others energies. Empathy and clairvoyance are a commonplace for me. I enjoy long talks with people and feeding off their energy as I help them find the answers they need to gather closure, inner peace and reassurance.

Personal number 9840


I am a natural empath with psychic abilities. I am clairvoyant and I use many tools during readings including cards candles,crystal balls, crystals. I am certified in Rieke healing and have 9 years experience with the tarot. I can answer any questions you are facing with accurate time frames, mind reading and future predictions.

Personal number 4417


My name is Emily Rain, I specialize in giving my clients personal insights needed to find their inner purpose or ways to fight elements likely to hold them back. Additionally I work as a medium and often can pass along messages from those no longer with us.

Personal number 2590


Hello my name is Maysie and I have been aware of my psychic gifts from a young age. I am an empathic and intuitive reader and i use tarot cards. I specialises in love, relationship and career issues. Everything said in a reading is confidential and I am not going to judge anyone. I am also a great believer that positivity can change your direction in life and that you should always follow your dreams!

Personal number 7781


Hi I'm psychic Vanessa I have 15 years of experience Are you tired of false hope? Broken promises? In just one phone call you will be convinced that I am truly a gifted psychic. I will reveal things to you only you would know I can help in all matters of life such as love and relationships career and finances and much more if you need clarity if you need answers if you just need to know the right Path to take I will give you Spirit guide of advice

Personal number 9851