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Let me guide you through your journey as you search for answers or simply for an ear to listen. At times we may feel like no one is there, I know that feeling all too well and I strive to fill that void in others.

Personal number 9346


Life can be challenging! Since 2013, I deliver angelic messages of hope and guidance through inner consciousness. I will help you reconnect with your spiritual self. I use tarot and angel cards, as well as my intuition to connect with spirits and deliver insightful readings. I specialize in relationships, career, and deep questionnings. I am here to provide clarity to find your true path.

Personal number 2243


Hi, I have good intuition and a 6th sense.I am a warm person easy to talk to.I use Tarot sometimes. I love to talk and I am a people person.Please don't hesitate to come by and chat.I know I can help you.I will help with any issue you want to tackle I also am a life coach.I so look forward to talking with you.Love and Sunshine is the ultimate destination..I will try to get you there x

Personal number 0102


I have years of intuitive experience with tarot cards that has made me extremely accurate at reading the cards. I have a strong background in the healthcare field, and a strong clairvoyant gift inherited from my grandfather, which furthers my abilities as an empath.

Personal number 0659


I assess people by providing relationship advice and provide spiritual guidance. I have the ability to read the stars and predict the future on an astrological level in terms of relationships, jobs, money, and health. I was born with the gift of mediumship. I realised I was blessed with this gift when my nan died and came through to me before the hospital rang. Ever since my gift has blossomed and I have instilled comfort into my clients that they will be united with loved ones in heaven.

Personal number 0752


I have been reading tarot and doing reading for 8 years now. I'm very connected with astrology and the signs. If you want a reading or someone just to talk about things, I your girl! I will give the best reading and some helpful advice to go with it.

Personal number 9977


Hi I am a clairvoyant medium and have had this ability since I was in my teens. I also read tarot cards and Angel cards as well as been a reiki master. I have read for many years and have read for hundreds of people.

Personal number 2679


Honesty is the best policy, as a very spiritual reader I'll works to tune into the your energy and aura to assist you in your journey. I'll will look at your relationships, career and various aspects of your life highlighting what blocks are in your way and how to navigate these issues. Or maybe you just feel as though your life is stagnant but can't see why; that's where I'll show you the likely outcomes from changes that you may make based of my vision and wisdom.

Personal number 7963