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I Have Gifted Hands, I Love Helping People. I've Had Psychic,Abilities From A Young Age. Things Would Come To Me Then I Would See It. As I Got Older I Could Look At People And See In To Their Life And Things That Went On In Their Life At.That Point I New That I Had A Gift To Share With Others I Love My Gift And What I Can Do. At The Age Of 20 I Started Doing Readings For People And I've Been Going Ever Since I'm 34 Now .

Personal number 2106


Hello, I am Mithra Sabala! My spiritual journey began around 15 years ago. At an early age, I realized that I had undeniable intuitive gifts, which ultimately evolved into my love for Tarot, communicating with Spirit Guides, helping others progress in their path of spiritual healing, and astrology. If you would also like to simply talk about spirituality, I'm here for you. I believe that spirituality is a beautiful journey that each of us travels through, and I would be honored to part of yours!

Personal number 8739


Hello sweet friends! I'm Amber- a gifted intuitive tarot reader, crystal energy healer and channeller of spirit guides. Through my work I am able to communicate with higher powers such as guardian angels to allow you to discover the answers you seek. I consider myself a light worker and want to help you on your path of healing, wholeness and self-fulfillment. Give me a ring and let's have a chat. I look forward to hearing from you!

Personal number 9171


I am alone specialist but I also help it all matters of life I've been in business for 35 years helping people around the world

Personal number 6589


I have been practicing for a year now. My specialty is oracle card readings. I can help guide you to answers you seek about your problems and yourself. There is much wisdom in the oracle cards, and I will help you get the clarity you seek. The two decks I use are Unicorns and Flower themed.

Personal number 4893


I specialise in Angel cards, psychic, and aura readings. I am also a certified life coach and Angel Intuitive Consultant which means I can connect on a deeper level with you. I can perform healing too. Kindly note that I am honest and do NOT sugarcoat my readings!I enjoy helping people to find their path to happiness and to give you more clarification on your needs. A reading with me will leave you feeling empowered and uplifted ready for the day ahead. Love and blessings.

Personal number 7231


My psychic gift is something that I have had since I was very young. I can help you determine the best path to attain your deepest desires. I am blessed with the ability to see events and dynamics and relationships which will enable you to make the correct choices for your life. I have study Terrot for over 20 years the connections I'm able to access from my spiritual resources allow me to be a conduit for you to achieve information. You will be able to see a clear picture of problems .

Personal number 5543


Hello, I have been interested in meditations and astral world since my 12 years, I always did know that I am a bit different than my friends.. Do You feel the same? I meditate when I feel that my body needs it, I feel other people energy's and can feel other people happines and sadness.. Feel free to talk with me, I don't judge at all, I know that there are many situations when people do maybe not the best things..