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I am an experienced medium. I specialize in love, relationships, and bad omens. I do not deal with "magic cloths or potions" that focuses on promises that can not be kept. I am a spirit guide who can assist you in obtaining the things you desire most. If you believe you, or your family is cursed, I help you find the cause of this curse and guide you in the steps you must take to remove said curse. My methods are always to guide you to through methods that have been proven.


I started noticing that I had Psychic abilities when I was about 30. I am 47. I have noticed that my abilities are mainly focused on love and relationship matters. I have been practicing my psychic abilities more regularly for 5 years now.


Hi I have lots of experience being a psychic advisor I have many different abilities I am able to read tarot cards crystal balls angel answer readings and tea leaf readings i'm able to do spiritual cleansing I have been doing psychic readings for over 12 years now I worked with my mother who was also psychic she owns a psychic shop I have a lot of good clients I am very accurate with my readings all my readings are tailored to my clients all my readings are non-judgmental easing your mind


I have been psychic for a while. I'm only 18 but I can pick up i things or predict things like nobody's business. I would say something would happen as a kid and it would. I've always been like that. My goal is to help you whatever way I can.


I have been practicing for a lifetime! My sight started young when I would communicate with family in the void and has continued to grow and flourish as I have helped others with their questions about the Devine!


I have been reading tarot and doing reading for 8 years now. I'm very connected with astrology and the signs. If you want a reading or someone just to talk about things, I your girl! I will give the best reading and some helpful advice to go with it.


I'm a born natural witch. I use the energy of nature and the divine spirit to heal and empower. I have been practicing for about 10 years. I discovered my abilities when I started seeing visions and feeling people energy's that were around me. I ran into a old friend and she told me I was a natural witch and we started trying to do spells together. I only do positive things no black magic or vodoo no harm unto to others.


A beacon of light in the darkest nights of the soul; to show you the way to your true home. To the land of love beyond the rivers of suffering which you wish to leave behind. Get the clue and have a finger pointed at your destination. Be found and find your way home to the love desire.