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I have experience in the paranormal. I have expiernce with other wordly beings. I can sense things and can be guided by a higher power. My specialties are not listed. Im also separated from my tarot cards. I will retrieve them soon.

Personal number 9565


My abilities: Clairvoyance (Seeing) Claircognizance (Knowing) Clairaudience (Hearing) My specialty is helping people in removing and/or preventing life's obstacles & helping them find the true meaning of happiness. I am straight to the point. I don't waste your money or my time if there is a problem I will address it and I will help you solve it. With my help, you and I can work together as a team to get you back on your path.


I am a fourth generational psychic with 10 years of experience my gift was not thought but inherited I received it when I was a young girl and over the years it has progressed I personalize in love relationships career family spiritual cleansing spiritual healing aura readings palm readings tarot card readings future past and present. I do not sugar coat anything I only tell my customers what I truly honestly see in there future I have all the answers your heart is searching


Through Spiritual Authentic guidance, you'll be guided out of your dilemma with a better understanding, peace & enlightenment.


Hi, I'm Seann. I have over 17 years experience in psychic mediumship, Tarot & astrology. I am also a qualified life coach. I'm an expert when it comes to love, relationships & family matters. My greatest value is to make you feel absolutely comfortable while sharing your thoughts and issues with me and It always gives me great pleasure to help others. I look forward to speaking and messaging with you.


iam a 3rd generation psychic with the ability to tell you about the past.present and future.i have over 15 yrs of experience in psychic readings.i can answer all your questions no matter how big or small.i will give you the advice you need to put you on the rite path in life.i will pick up on your energy give you peace of mind also I specialize in love and relationships reunite lost love Nothing is too big for me to solve all questions will be answered.


Hello beautiful souls, My name is Alonza, and I am intuituve psychic medium and a healer. My goal is to help assist you with whatwer it is you are needing help and clarity on.Spirit will work through me as a medium to give you the answers you are looking for.Spirit comes in many different forms;for example spirit guides, ancestors, spirit totems, past love ones, elementals, galactic beings and more


Hi, I'm Princess Velvet. I'm a young woman that loves to talk and help people to feel better. As a result of some teenager troubles I had to visit some different psychologists that helped me to get better, stronger and to be the powerful woman I'm today. At the same time I got some skills to help others with my experience. I'm extremely sensitive and can understand any kind of situation to offer my help. I never judge anyone and never give up. I'ld like to help you.

Personal number 9048