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I'm an Empath and Clairsentient..I can feel others emotions, pains and feelings..It's actually been a part of me since I was young, but I've been aware of it for about 5 years..I have helped several people relieve stress and anxiety just by talking to them..If you need a shoulder to cry on or just need to get things off your chest, I'm here..I'm caring, non judge mental and can offer positive advice..Always remember, "This Too Shall Pass" :)


I've been aware of my ability from a young age. Predicting the lives of my loved ones and warning people of what is to come. Helping with decisions making is a specialty of mine I've been working in this field for 3 years and have met many beautiful souls , I hope to meet you

Personal number 7447


My name is Scarlet, I am a young witch as I specialize in candle magick and tarot cards. I rely on my intuition, and my spiritual senses to give you the spiritual reading and/or spiritual counseling you need on virtually any area on which you need advice and/or insight. With me everything you receive will be authentic and customized to you and your needs.


Welcome, thank you for taking a look at my profile. I believe that life is essentially good and that we are meant to be happy and have fun. In the times that it's not, remembering that there is always a solution, is key. Let me help you find yourself again, using my psychic, healing and empathic skills that I have been honing for 21yrs as an holistic therapist and law of attraction expert.


Hi I'm Jade. I had my first psychic moment when I was 5. Seeing past life memories. When I was 13 I awoke completely as I was claircognizant. I started reading tarot and freaking people out by how accurate the readings were. I also have dreams that predict the future. You could call it a gift and a curse. I also am very knowledgeable on horoscopes and astronomy. I also do energy healing and have tons of wisdom especially in love and relationships. Reach out to me. :)


I am very spiritual. I will be able to help guide you and give you the answers that you need and desire.


I started sensing my psychic abilities around 4 years ago when I was 14 years old. I use to believe it wasnt real or I was just hallucinating but truth be told its the best thing that has ever happened to me

Personal number 4187


Hello, I've been studying and reading Angel and Oracle Cards now for quite some time now. I am an extremely spiritual being, as we all are. Being awakened and aware of the world and knowledge around me gives me the power and drive to continue with what I do. I am a lover of life and a giver of love and light. xX