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Hello, my name is Chaya and I will use my psychic talent with the use of Tarot cards to get to the bottom of your situation. I have a very strong intuition and communicate with spirit in the dreamworld. I can also send you distance healing with Reiki. I have spent many years reading the tarot and can offer you a genuine and honest insight into your current life experience. I am currently using the Osho Zen Tarot deck and my personal favourite is the Witches Tarot.


Discovered I had spirit guides from a very young age when I was able to tell strangers things I felt they needed to know. Passed down from my mother I also have the ability to read palms and give insights into where we may be going wrong in all aspects of life and why we may be feeling a certain way so we can then work on gaining more positive experiences


hello. i have been practicing in spiritual guiding techniques for about 3 years as well as studying astrology on the side so I am very knowledgeable in self therapy through spirit and star readings. contact me if you are interested in my services or have any further questions.



Briana Luna is an Intuitive, spiritual Advisor, dream Interpreter and a highly-adept card Reader. Along with her gifts, she can use the Tarot, Astrology and a pendulum during your consultation as well. Her goal is simple, to make your life easier. She can make sure you make the right choices in love, romance and relationships, money, career and finance, avoid obstacles and set you in the right direction for the most happiness in your heart.



I am natural born Pyschic Meduim. I have many gifts and I use all my Clair's to help guide you and answer any questions you may have. I give detailed and accurate information. My readings are truthful and not sugar coated. I will tell you just as I get it. I do deliver messages with compassion and complete understanding. I do not judge nor does anything I get from a reading make me look down on anyone. Any information that is discussed between us stays with us.


I am an intuitive psychic advisor. My gifts include honest life readings and direct answers to your questions. No issue is too small or big for me to assist you with. I enjoy helping people to discover their ultimate potential.