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I'm a natural intuit and already know everything about you. Ask me what you like, and I'll try my best to help.

Personal number 0483


Hello, I am an expert on relationship advice and astrology! I am here to help coach you with your most desired questions, about your personal love life, friendships and astrology needs! Thank You!

Personal number 2238


I have been doing readings for over twenty years. I. Well versed in tarot, astrology and mediumship. Additionally, I also work with energy and have a gift for healing through words.

Personal number 8254


Gemini Geni is here for all your needs. I will tell you your future and help you make the right steps to get there. Feeling frustrated, give me a call.

Personal number 5588


I love what I do! Giving someone the truth, clarity & guidance that they need is an amazing feeling. I've always been naturally intuitive since childhood, it runs in the family so i have years of experience! I'm also a very experienced healer (Reiki master/teacher & purebioenergy) I use a wide range of cards tarot, angel/fairy/Oracle & my pendulum, as well as whatever I see, hear, feel, sense, know. I look forward to guiding you soon!

Personal number


I have practiced many forms of divination for about 10 years now. I started delving into other realms at a very young age. My specialties include tarot using four-five different decks (The classic Ryder-Waite, Hermetic, Native American, Gothic, and Archetype cards). Some of these are oracle cards while others are the 78-deck tarot cards. I use knowledge of psychology and work with ancestors, herbs, and use astral travel as well.

Personal number 2457


I am here to help you. I first realized I had the gift when I was young. I specialize in Love Psychic Solutions. Learn to let go and explore your inner self with the powers of healing and harmony.

Personal number 7705


ive practiced for Years, I discovered i had psychic abilities when i was just 16 years of age . im all about making you feel good so i can talk about almost anything you want me to... i can relax your mind while you listen to my soft voice.

Personal number 4512