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AGED 43, I was 15 talking to spirits. A retired Midwife, Mother, Nani, Angelic Reiki Master, Psychic Medium & Aesthetic Consultant. Highly intuitive, loyal,confidential, nothing shocks me. Using UNIQUE life skills, Empathy, Healing Energy, Cards, Crystals, Ball, Pendulum, ANGELS & SPIRITS. As a friend, confidant I seek; clarity, direction, hope & peace. I refuse to hide negatives, so may seem Harsh. But primarily I will try to help you find ANSWERS, SMILES, happiness, reassurance, DIRECTION.


I offer divination using cartomancy, runes, and the Lenormand cards when you seek guidance in a condensed, to the-point reading. I'm also a medium and remote viewer, and these sort of readings require longer calls/chats.


It is all about communication! Let me help you being a better partner or advice you how you can make an impact on your partner so you both get a healthier and happier life.


I discovered my phsic abilities when I was twelve, I was able to tell people things and those things, came true, and as and adult for the last five years, I have dreams about people that I don't even know and know of this happening and have came true, I'm also able to give healing converstaions to people that have turned their life around all for the better.

Personal number 8828


Namaste I am a natural born seer that came from generations of women who could see further into the future. It first started as me having dreams that would come true and vivid visions of things that would manifest later. I have a very direct reading style with no sugar coating because the truth is what will set you free. The truth is like surgery but it brings clarity and healing for spiritual growth. I look forward to sharing my gifts with you and be your guide.

Personal number 2547


I grew up with family members doing readings also cards,Psychic.I usually just do card readings and tarrots

Personal number 1428


Hello loves. If you want to find out more about yourself come join my chat. I've been working on my abilities since I was a teen. Some might think I know too much but I think the ability to know the unknown is a gift. Let's share this adventure of what awaits in your future.

Personal number 0277


I am someone who can develop a close connection to other people, and then read their future. I have been a psychic professionally for about a year, but I have received my calling since I was a child. I specialise in romance

Personal number 9267