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I always knew I had a gift to know more that meets the eye. I read your energy, I am a channel to advise you. I am a soulful messenger, guiding light and eternal optimist. DEDICATED TO HELPING YOU ... RAISE YOUR ENERGY RAISE YOUR VIBRATION RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS


Every since I was a little girl I have always had the best intuition my dreams always guide me to who and what needs my attention I've always been able to predict things that would happen based off of my dreams most times with just having a conversation with someone.


Hello Starlings! My name is Shay and I specialize in love cards, Astrology, energy healing/reiki, metasymbology, spirit guide/angel readings, and the use of these combined to RESTORE YOUR LIGHT. Stress, heartbreak, and loss can wear us down on a spiritual level causing emotional discontent and physical symptoms. Whether you need your energetic body restored after loss or emotional trauma, or just want answers to your most important questions, it would be my pleasure to connect with you..


I was younger when I realized I was able to see and hear things that others couldn't. But my family was against it so I let it go. But in recent years I became quite ill and couldn't hold down a job for too long. I was told by my guides that I need to follow the correct career for me using my natural gifts of helping people. So I began in my home town helping the people around me.


I have been pyshic since i was a child. I have praticed for over 4vyears.i specalize. In relationships and career related inquires.


When I was a young girl my mother would tell me of "the Feeling" that I would experience every time that I could see what was going to happen in the near future. She explained it to me as her mother had explained it to her. Our family has been blessed/cursed with this ability for as far back as is known. The first time I remember having this feeling I was about 6, it was like a tingle went from my gut through to my little fingers.


I am a third generation psychic of Romany Gypsy descent. Whatever your situation Love, work, friendships I will use my spiritual gift and the tarot to guide you on the best path forward for yourself.