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You have questions my ancient soul guides have the answers and I will use their voices to guide you in your life. I can see all emotions and energy's from you & partner and situation. One question is all you need for all to be answered. What I will need is Your Date Of Birth & Name Your Love Interest(s) Name & Date Of Birth Your Question I will tell you what He/she is wanting from you, if they are interested! I can tell you if you are soulmates, twin flame or just a connection!

Personal number 1725


Over 10 years experience Started since I was a younger. My first spiritual healing was when I helped realize my abilities. This was confusing yet comfortable in a way. The way she made me feel is how I would like to help others feel.

Personal number 6541


I'm fairly young, but I've always been intuned to spirits. I don't have a Tarot set yet, but I do know how to read them. I feel that people don't need someone to lie and tell them that they can hear spirits talk to them, I surely don't. However, I can feel their energy and try to channel it into our chats.

Personal number 3508


I'm here for you to help. My reading style is friendly, professional and accurate. I use tarot, runes, numerology, dice, (the bones,) zodiac forecasting and logarithms, (for timing down to the minute.) I analyze dreams too. I find that focusing life forces on the positive, raises aura frequencies and promotes lightness of being even in the darkest, most difficult circumstances. Harnessing free will and raising awareness of higher dimensions promotes the strongest form of self healing.

Personal number 6910


I am a natural psychic reader and energy worker. Iam a third generation Psychic and spiritual intercessor. I gives advice on all matters, but Love and Relationships are my special interest. I have been helping people find lives of love, success, peace, and happiness for more than a decade. I never imposes my personal spiritual beliefs on others. With Me, you will get caring, reliable and confidential advice.

Personal number 8022


I am experienced in tarot cards for over 10 years, an excellent life coach and advice giver on Love and Relationshiops. I look forward to guiding you on the path to continue your journey in life and to give you the guidance you seek.

Personal number 1631


DIRECT Messages From The High Council Of ANGELS. 111 Decks Of Tarot & Oracle Cards. Receive Your Personalized Divine Channel Reading To Manifest Your Desires NOW. Timeline, Career, Twin Flame & True Love. Rate 5 Stars.

Personal number 3688


Astrology is the center of this universe, it helps you to understand your path in life and where your journey might take you and also how to stay afloat and don't allow the rollercoaster of life to tear you down. I am here to help you find yourself and find self love and build relationships with others.

Personal number 9538