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From a long line of gifted women who possessed the sight. I am here to help you in matters of love, business, and career. My tools include tarot cards, angel cards, runes, and pendulum. I am also a certified life coach so I can help you not only through my gift of sight, but together we can make a plan to achieve your best future. Your future is waiting for you! What are you waiting for?

Personal number 6788


Also specialising in Spiritual Dowsing I have the ability to communicate to departed loved ones animal or human, i am also very well in tune with my cards all Angel Moon and Tarot...i have a love for rune stone readings also

Personal number 8198


My mother was born with a Veil. And was a psychic, medium, tarot card reader, and Astrologer. I managed her ever since I was 16. I was taught to use my gifts at the age of 10. Since her passing I connect with her and other spiritual beings that have transformed from this plane. I am here to help you connect with your love ones. I am here to share my gifts. I promote positive energy and love. I am 99.5% accurate with my numerology techniques.

Personal number 4977


I am a true gifted 5th generation natural are you confused unhappy and depressed? Do you need help finding your soulmate or making a career change? Or are you just fed up with the way life has been treating you? One call with me can and will change your life specializes Tarot cards readings on past present future love life business marriage friends family health and much more I am a spiritual healer with 20 years experience call me now you will not be disappointed

Personal number 2832


Hi I am a clairvoyant medium and have had this ability since I was in my teens. I also read tarot cards and Angel cards as well as been a reiki master. I have read for many years and have read for hundreds of people.

Personal number 2679


With many heart aches and heart breaks I couldn't find what I was looking for until I found out that I was an expert in love and relationships just not for myself

Personal number 3564


Hello, my name is Jules and I work with Spirit through my tarot, runes, pendulum and oracle cards to do my very best, to bring you guidance, support and answers to your questions. I specialise in relationships of all types, family issues and careers and I use my gifts in a non judgemental way.

Personal number 1653


Hi, I'm Seann. I have over 17 years experience in psychic mediumship, Tarot & astrology. I am also a qualified life coach. I'm an expert when it comes to love, relationships & family matters. My greatest value is to make you feel absolutely comfortable while sharing your thoughts and issues with me and It always gives me great pleasure to help others. I look forward to speaking and messaging with you.

Personal number 7575