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I practiced astrology for many years before I realized that this is my vocation, and this is what I want to do in life. I can help create harmonious relationships with any zodiac sign, minimize disagreements and teach me how to live in harmony with myself and the outside world

Personal number 3570


The way that I connect with my callers is by receiving impressions and messages through my natural psychic senses in all their forms. Using those natural psychic ability and guidance creates a soothing session that provides insight into our selves, situations as well as the people around us. At times, even when we are in tune with our intuitions, we need an unbiased and non-judgmental psychic source to guide us in what we sense, so that we can move forward on our chosen path with confidence.

Personal number 6377


Can read minds. Very in TOUCH with nature. Able to help you out if you are looking for answers. Able to narrow down the path that your life is on, and identify the areas to which you need to devote the most attention. Relationships can face challenges, careers can be demanding or uncertain, and even day-to-day life can be tough! It may even feel like you're a bit lost sometimes, but don't worry. I am here to help.

Personal number 2925


I am spiritually inclined to guide and direct you on the path that 'Needs to be chosen' With my guidance you will feel alienated from problems, worry, doubt, and/or fear! Overcome bad energy by getting informed, guided, taught, and told about what is best to create happiness, safety, and love!

Personal number 0217


Hello Loves, My psychic abilities came to me at a very young age. They started as dreams at 5 years old. Ive since focused my life around tarot and pendulum readings. Love and relationships is my specialty. I also love Astrology. I cant wait to hear from you and see what we discover next!

Personal number 9958


Please do not send requests or questions to this account. If you have any questions or problems, please use the "contact us" option in the settings section of the app. Psychics Live TV admin Team

Personal number 9105


My name is Spirit Willow, I have been providing guidance for around 15 yrs now but have always had psychic intuitions, I can help to answer your questions on love, relationships,money and future events. I use angel cards to help guide me in answering your questions. I also use pendulum dowsing in straight yes or no answers, spirit guides, distance crystal healing and rune stones to help you and others close to you. Why not request an indepth reading now, please specify what type you would like.

Personal number 0875


I don't have a lot of experience under my belt, I do have the elements around me that always show me the answers I'm looking for. I rely on the cards to begin our journey and from there the answers reveal themselves. One must remember though that you don't always get the answers you came seeking, sometimes the cards reveal what you really want to but don't dare ask.

Personal number 7747